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iOS 17.1 Update: Everything We Know So Far

The American Tech Giant recently announced their most awaited iPhone 15 series, which includes the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max—the introduction of iOS 17 during the launch excited tech enthusiasts because of its exciting features.

However, in recent times, the update situation is not as good as it should be. The iOS 17 update caused a hustle and bustle among the public. The previous iPhones and the recent iPhone 15 series are not immune from the situation. Updating your iPhone to iOS 17 is risky for now!

For instance, the company removed the Rewind or Fast-forward gesture without prior notice and added something else to perform the same task. The iOS 17 update caused the interrupting behavior of the iMessage application. The custom text tones are missing from the respective settings.

The automation in the shortcuts application is not working. The Apple logo stuck when updating to iOS 17. Also, the contact posters are not working, and the appearance of the grey call screen, etc., are some of the significant problems consumers face. The usual battery drain issues, lags, and inconsistencies in the iPhone’s operation are also there.

Every user facing the problems is venting their anger on various social media platforms and searching for a solution for a smoother experience. Some issues have answers, and some leave them hopeless. The only hope that arises is the successive updates that the company is intended to provide.

The iOS 17.1 is the next software update expected to solve some problems and improve the user experience. Let’s discuss what the patch will likely bring and its release date. So, without wasting any time, let’s get started.

ios 17.1 beta

When can we expect iOS 17.1 to be Released?

  • Update: The company released the iOS 17.1 stable version on October 25, 2023.

According to a recent announcement from the French regulatory agency ANFR, Apple plans to release iOS 17.1 by October 24. The agency said on its website that the upcoming iOS update will address concerns over radiation levels in the iPhone 12.

On September 27, Apple released the iOS 17.1 Beta 1 update. The good part is that it was released nine days after the iOS 17 official version launch. Similarly, we can expect timely updates in the future. The Beta 1 versions of iPadOS 17.1, watchOS 10.1, and tvOS 17.1 are also available.

As the iOS 17.1 Beta 1 is now available for developers and public beta testers, the stable version will soon be available for the general public.

Let’s reflect on the history to know more accurately about the launch. The company launched the iOS 16.1 official version on October 24, 2022. So, the upcoming update may come somewhere by the end of October.

iOS 17.1 Features

The beta updates are generally not up to the mark regarding consistency and experience. The features it draws along with it work the same way. However, here are the features expected to come with the iOS 17.1 update:

1. Apple Music Favourites:

iOS 17.1 now helps you to save your favorite songs, albums, and playlists. All your favorite materials are added to the library section, allowing you to listen to the music of your choice easily. Further, it can also be reached via the Lockscreens “Now Playing” widget.

2. AirDrop:

To those unaware, AirDrop is used to share and receive photos, videos, and documents with other iPhone or Apple devices. With iOS 17.1, the feature now allows you to transfer files through a cellular connection or Wi-Fi if you go out of range with the person sharing with you.

AirDrop range

3. Ringtones and Text Tones:

With the introduction of iOS 17, more than 20 new ringtones and text tones were added to the supported iPhones. However, the iOS 17.1 Beta 1 saw their disappearance. It is estimated that the company will add them back again shortly.

4. Books and Journal App:

The “Reading Now” section in the Books app is converted to “Read Now.” The Journal app is currently unavailable with iOS 17.1, but Apple will surely bring it in the future.

Apart from this, NameDrop on Apple Watch and iPhone, Dynamic Island Flashlight Indicator, Controller Support, Extend Wallpaper, and many more announced features in the iOS 17 are expected to come in the upcoming software updates soon.

That being said, for the users waiting for the iOS 17.1 stable release, you must wait until the end of October. Rest assured, what do you think about the features of iOS 17? Which is your favorite, and you are waiting to test it out? Please write to us below in the comments section. We will ensure that the information is available in the post timely, so keep searching regularly.

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