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DealNTech is a leading news portal covering the latest technology and gadgets news. There are countless gadgets in the current tech arena, but a significant percentage of them are related to mobile phones. We concentrate on bringing breaking news about mobile phones across the globe. We also bring the latest Android News. The main focus sections on this website are the latest updates, new announcements, statistics, insights, and rumours about telecom, smartphones and gadgets.

DealNTech was founded in 2016 by Bhabesh Talukdar, who has six years of experience in information technology and blogging. DealNTech has grown to a dedicated team of over three full-time tech-savvy journalists like him. We aim to report the latest news related to our niche on time in an unbiased, truthful and passionate way.

The DealNTech team is highly passionate about providing the updates at the earliest and with the most excellent data accuracy. The team is vastly experienced in covering technology news and analysing the data before posting it on the website.

We also have very reliable sources in the industry to provide the most exclusive leaks (of upcoming gadgets) and insider news for our readers to get the latest information at a blazing speed.

We’ve been credited by many remarkable Tech & News websites like GSMArena, PhoneArena, Android Authority, NDTV, IndiaToday, The Indian Express, FirstPost, IBTimes, BGR, TechRadar and many other popular websites.

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