M4 MacBook Pro in Works
Image: M3 MacBook Pro

M4 MacBook Pro: Apple Rumored to Be Working on New Lineup

Apple’s MacBook lineup has been the talk of the town lately. Just a few days ago, they added the MacBook Air to their latest line of M3 MacBooks.

We even saw new rumors about an upcoming 20.3-inch foldable MacBook a few days ago. And now, we have more news about this year’s MacBook Pro, which will come with the M4 chip under the hood.

Apple Reportedly Starts Development of M4 MacBook Pro

Marg Gurman, via Bloomberg, held a Q&A session on the site today. During this session, he was asked what his first Apple product was, among several other questions. In his answer, he commented that the M4 MacBook Pro has just entered the formal development stage. The M4 line of chips will likely be one of Apple’s major launches this year. The MacBook Pro will also launch alongside the chips if the ongoing trend is anything to go by.

The M3 MacBook Pro, Apple’s latest Pro offering in their current MacBook lineup, was unveiled on the 30th of October last year. The M3 chip line is a significant product in Apple’s portfolio. That is because it is the first chip in the world that uses a 3nm fabrication process. Most chip manufacturing brands, including Apple, rely on TSMC for this process node. The M4 chip will likely use the same process node with an expected better yield rate.

macbook 2023
The image shows MacBook Pro 2023

Some rumors also suggest that the M4 chip will resemble the A18 chip. For the unaware, the A18 chip will be the successor of Apple’s A17 Pro chip, which debuted in the Pro models of the iPhone 15 series. The A17 Pro also uses TSMC’s 3nm fabrication process.

Besides these tiny bits of information, no solid leak or rumor about this year’s M4 MacBook Pro is available. We will likely learn more about the machine as we approach its launch window.

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