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Snapdragon 865 Phones List

List of Upcoming Phones with Snapdragon 865 Processor

Snapdragon 865 phones with 5G connectivity will hit the markets in 2020

A bunch of phones were launched with the Snapdragon 855/ 855 Plus this year and the next big processor is on its way soon to take over next year’s market. The Snapdragon 855 was quite an improvement over the 845 of the previous year. But what lies ahead is the future of mobile communication, that is 5G. The upcoming Snapdragon 865 will have two variants, one for the regular 4G flagship devices and one for the 5G flagship devices of the future. 5G has a long way to go but this will be a push in that direction.

So looking at how the Snapdragon 855 was launched in December last year, we will probably see a similar time launch for the Snapdragon 865 too. And as far as the devices are concerned, we have narrowed down the list of confirmed and rumoured best upcoming phones here, who will have the Snapdragon 865 at its core.

List of Phones with Snapdragon 865 SoC

Titanium M6 5G

Chinese luxury Smartphone manufacturer 8848 announced Titanium M6 5G phone with Snapdragon 865. With 12GB of RAM and 1TB of internal storage, the M6 5G sport a 64MP camera that can shoot 100MP photos through advanced interpolation. It boasts a 6.01-inch AMOLED display. The phone will not be available until the first quarter of 2020 because of the availability of the flagship processor. With this announcement, Titanium M6 5G becomes the first Smartphone to have Snapdragon 865 on it.

Titanium M6 5G

Samsung Galaxy S11 and S11+

The first-ever phone to launch globally with the Snapdragon 865 will be the Samsung Galaxy S11 and the S11+ which will be launched in the US and a few selected markets only. This would be Samsung’s flagship device for the year 2020.

Xiaomi Black Shark 3

Gaming phones are more than before now and Xiaomi’s very own gaming phone lineup, Shark always is one of the first ones to grab the best Qualcomm processor for their next device. The next phone will be the Xiaomi Black Shark 3 launching next year, and it is rumoured and predicted to come equipped with the Snapdragon 865.

OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro

As soon as Qualcomm releases the next flagship chipset, OnePlus will be there to get that one powering their next OnePlus device, that is the OnePlus 8 and also their next pro edition series device OnePlus 8 Pro. They take pride in the fact that their devices always feature top of the line hardware and not having the next Snapdragon 800 series chip is just not something Oneplus would let to happen.

Redmi K30 Pro

The Redmi K20 Pro has been a hit so far for the price to value ratio of the device. It packs in the best hardware for every user with the price kept as minimum as possible. Xiaomi will continue on this and we will see a Redmi K30 Pro next year with the Snapdragon 865 inside this time.

Google Pixel 5

Google launches one or two phones every year(with different variants) and their phones always feature the top Snapdragon processor of that time. So obviously we will see Google continuing on that trend and installing the best hardware from Qualcomm on their annual offerings.

Samsung Galaxy Note11 and Note11+

Samsung has two flagship series, one is the S series and the other is the Note series. The Note lineup has been a stand out from Samsung except one device which has a hardware malfunctioning. Other than that with the Note Series, you get a huge display with the best hardware on market along with customary Samsung Note accessories made for people who use their phone as an all in one device. So the next Note device from Samsung will have the Snapdragon 865 inside it.

Poco F3

This is a bit stretched since the Poco F2 has not launched yet. But it will within this year and it will pack in the Snapdragon 855. So for the Poco F3, we will have the upcoming Snapdragon 865.

Asus 7Z

The Asus 6Z with the flip camera and Snapdragon 855 with a price under 35,000 rupees is very compelling to anyone looking for a new device. After a while now Asus has finally gained market in India and other markets as well with their price to value offerings. Their flagship Z series always packs in the latest Snapdragon processor as soon as it launches, as we saw with the Snapdragon 855 and the 6Z. So the Asus 7z or Zenfone 7 will have the next Snapdragon beast, that is the Snapdragon 865.

Realme X3 Pro

Realme is preparing its 2020’s flagship device which will probably be called Realme X3 Pro. As its predecessor X2 Pro is powered by 2019’s flagship processor Snapdragon 855+, so we expect, the upcoming X3 Pro will run on Snapdragon 865 SoC. Other rumoured specifications include 108MP primary camera, display of 120hz refresh rate, 4500 mAh battery with support for 50W fast charger.

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