ZTE MiFavor 10 Based on Android 10
ZTE MiFavor 10 Based on Android 10

ZTE MiFavor 10 Based on Android 10: Features & Supported Phones

It has been a couple of months since Android 10 was officially launched for the Google Pixel devices. A few months down the line, other Android smartphone manufacturers like Oneplus, Samsung, Nokia, and more have changed their UI to meet with the new OS update. Now we have news that ZTE is officially launching their attempt on Android 10 by the name ZTE MiFavor 10 Skin. So, what does this new custom skin offer to its customers? Let’s take a look at its features to find out.

ZTE MiFavor 10 Skin: Features and What’s New

1. Dark Mode Theme

It is always a given that an Android 10-based UI will have a dark mode option on its settings menu. This is the big change from Android 9 to 10 that everyone appreciates, and it is not surprising at all to see ZTE trying to offer the same to its customers. Implementing a dark mode on MiFavor 10 is clean, with a full dark background and simple white font text on top. It looks like a really elegant and clean interface with everything tuned to minimal. However, unlike other UIs, the MiFavor 10 does not have a system-wide forced dark mode for applications that do not currently support the dark mode. Only supported applications now support dark mode on MiFavor 10 for now. As soon as the developers of other apps start to include dark mode on their applications, we will see it in the MiFavor 10, too.

Dark Mode on Mifavor 10

2. Screen Recognition and Voice Commands

Another new feature we will see here is a two-finger long-press action. What this will do is enable screen recognition, which is pretty similar to Google Assistant’s ‘what’s on my screen feature.’ You can pick up texts and images on your screen, and you can even recognize animals, plants, and a few similar recommendations if there is any sort of product on the screen.

MiFavor also allows in-app command functionality and controls navigation through the UI using voice commands. For now, only specific keywords provide functionality, that too in certain apps like WeChat, but we can expect to see better support in the future with new updates.

3. Wallpaper and Themes

Like other premium smartphone brands, ZTE offers dynamic wallpapers with the MiFavor 10. You also get the standard static wallpapers if the dynamic is not to your taste. Plus, static wallpapers drain the battery slower than dynamic ones. As for themes, you will see six punchy-coloured themes with the MiFavor 10.


4. Picture Classification and SOS

Much like Google Photos, in the MiFavor 10, you will see pictures being classified. It will pick out the faces of the people from the images, and you can set a name for that face. This will allow the user to view any pic with that face on it. This makes it easier to look for somebody’s picture in our gallery. You also get an emergency SOS feature, which is turned on when you tap the power button five times in a row. This will send an SOS message to every emergency contact you have saved on your device. It will also send out your location to that contact.

5. Floating Notifications

When you are in an intense game session or binge-watching a series on your smartphone, you don’t want to switch apps when somebody texts you. So, with the MiFavor 10, you get a floating notification feature. This will open up the messaging app interface on top of the video or game and the keyboard for you to type the reply in small windows.


6. Upgrade AI Engine

Here, you will see the new Z-Booster 2.0. Through Z-Booster, MiFavor 10 will intelligently allocate the system resources to different apps running on the device. This will especially be helpful while gaming as most of the background processes will terminate, and all of the device’s resources will go into the smooth functioning of the game. This means better graphics performance, reduced frame drops, and lower latency.

Besides these highlighted features, there are also some small additional features on the MiFavor 10 which will come in handy in certain situations. This includes the Document correction feature, application usage ranking feature, support for screen usage time feature, and many more.

List of Supported ZTE Phones for MiFavor 10 Update

  • ZTE Axon 10 Pro 5G
  • ZTE Blade V10
  • ZTE Axon 9 Pro
  • ZTE Axon 10 Pro 4G

ZTE has confirmed that the above phones are eligible for the MiFavor 10 update. However, the company has yet to announce its roadmap for a stable update based on Android 10.

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