April 7, 2020 9:03 AM
Dual SIM 5G Phones

Dual SIM 5G Phones Expected to Launch in Early 2020

Dimensity 1000 chip has the ability to handle 5G network on both SIM cards

5G phones are out there now from different manufacturers. However, it is a feature we only see on the flagship premium devices and they cost a fortune. Now one can pick one of those phones and join this new generation connection customer base. However, the wise thing here would be to wait a couple of months. This is because just a few days ago MediaTek launched a new mobile processor dubbed as Dimensity 1000, that might just change the 5G industry completely. Even if one picks a 5G device now, he/she will have only a single SIM 5G support, but this new processor from MediaTek has the ability to handle Dual SIM 5G support. This will be a first in the industry and many customers will actually opt Dual SIM 5G phone, rather than the already available single SIM support phone.

Which chipset supports 5G Network on two SIMs?

The MediaTek Dimensity 1000 comes with support for 5G on Dual SIM. As for the Dimensity 1000, it won’t be a slacker by any means. It claims a downstream data throughput of 4.7 Gbps, which is the fastest on a mobile processor. No other 5G chip has such a high downstream speed. Additionally, we get upstream data throughput of 2.5 Gbps on sub-6GHz 5G networks. We also have support for Bluetooth 5.1 and Wifi 6. In terms of CPU, we will see four Cortex-A77 high-performance cores and four power-efficient less powerful Cortex-A55 cores. Even in the optics, this new processor supports 80MP single shooter. However, companies will definitely go for a triple or quad-camera setup with lower megapixel counts.

MediaTek support 5G on Dual SIM
Dimensity 1000 SoC support 5G on two SIMs

This new processor is good news for the wanna early 5G adapters. This is a cost-efficient yet powerful solution from MediaTek for the manufacturers to build new devices that will sell like crazy. Most people are refraining from 5G phones because of the cost, and this new Dimensity 1000 might just change it all. It supports sub-6Ghz 5G support, so full support for Asia, Europe and North America. So any device with this processor will be a 5G device that supports the network of our region. On top of that, it will be a device for anyone to purchase from nearby stores at a reasonable cost.

List of Upcoming Phones with Dual SIM 5G Support

Note: The above list is prepared based on rumour. So take it with a pinch of salt. At present, we can’t say whether the above phones will come with support for 5G on two SIMs.

So when will we see a Dual SIM 5G phone? That’s a question you might have and the answer to that is not a certain one but a good one. There is no official date regarding an upcoming device with Dimensity 1000 processor. However, we have a word from MediaTek saying that we will see a Dimensity 1000 powered smartphone(possibly come with support for 5G network on both SIMs) soon at the end of 2019 or in the early months of 2020.

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