What is Dual Mode 5G (SA/NSA)? Its Supported Phones and Processors

5G is the next generation of wireless technologies, bringing exponentially faster download/upload speeds, wider coverage, and more stable connections. This year, we have seen many smartphones with 5G connectivity, such as Mi 9 Pro 5G, LG V50 Thinq 5G, and OnePlus 7 Pro 5G. However, it is to be noted that these smartphones don’t support Dual Mode 5G. At present, there are only a few smartphones available in the market with Dual Mode 5G support. So, you should always check before buying a 5G smartphone.

What is Dual Mode 5G?

Dual Mode 5G, in simple words, means support for both NSA(Non-Standalone Access) and SA(Standalone Access) 5G networks, which are two primary types of 5G networks.

Currently, 5G NR is the global standard for 5G networks. NSA and SA are the two primary methods for 5G network deployment. If a device (in this case, a Smartphone) supports both of these deployment methods, it is called a Dual Mode 5G-supported device.

SA NSA 5G dual mode network
SA/NSA 5G Network | Image Credit: EverythingRF

Non-Standalone Access

In layman’s terms, NSA or Non-Standalone Access is a 5G network type where operators upgrade their current 4G network infrastructure to provide more speed and higher data bandwidth. However, the NSA can’t greatly improve the latency, which is very important for critical tasks like stock/currency trading, self-driving cars, etc.

Standalone Access

On the other hand, SA or Standalone Access is the definition of a true 5G network, where operators build 5G infrastructure dedicated to the 5G network. Which, in return, provides massive speed improvements and, more importantly, the latency(reduces the latency) of the network.

In India, we will not see Standalone Access or SA in the near future because all major operators are opting for the NSA 5G network (Due to the low cost of NSA network deployment).

What is the difference between Dual Mode 5G and Dual SIM 5G?

Dual Mode 5G means support for both NSA and SA 5G network types, whereas Dual SIM 5G means support for 5G networks in two SIM cards simultaneously. So, don’t get confused between the two terms.

Which Processors Support Dual Mode 5G?

We will see NSA and SA 5G network support on the next-generation chipsets. Qualcomm, the leading chipmaker, will bring this network with its X55 modem. MediaTek has already announced that this network will support its flagship Dimensity 1000 SoC. Samsung’s Exynos 990 has also enabled this network with its Exynos 5123 5G modem.

  1. Mediatek Dimensity 1000
  2. Huawei Kirin 990 5G
  3. Exynos 990
  4. Exynos 980
  5. Snapdragon 865 with X55 modem (Upcoming)
  6. Snapdragon 735 (Upcoming)

List of Phones with Dual Mode 5G Support

Are you looking to purchase a new smartphone with NSA and SA support? Then, you can consider buying one of the following smartphones. If you use these devices, you will benefit from the SA network that uses a next-generation core network. Also, you will not fall back on the 4G LTE network in a non-5G environment.

  1. Honor V30
  2. Honor V30 Pro
  3. Vivo X30 (Upcoming)
  4. Realme X50 (Upcoming)
  5. Oppo Reno 3 Pro 5G (Upcoming)
  6. Redmi K30 (Upcoming)

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