JoyUI 11 for Black Shark Phones
JoyUI 11 for Black Shark Phones | Image Credit: Weibo

JoyUI 11 for Black Shark, Shark Helo, Shark 2 and Shark 2 Pro Announced

Xiaomi has unveiled a new UI for their gaming smartphones, called the JoyUI 11, which will probably be based on Android 10. No, this is not the MIUI11 that all Xiaomi users eagerly await. Instead, it is an exclusive UI developed only for the Xiaomi Black Shark series phones. Currently, all the shark phones are running on MIUI 10, but soon, we will see an OTA update for all Black Shark users. What is different in this UI is refining the core MIUI into a gaming-prioritized UI.

As per the company’s statement via Weibo, they say we will add some additional features to this new UI and a wide variety of themes. Xiaomi also says that most of its additional features are based on the changes made to the MIUI 11, but exclusively, it will bring new features to the Black Shark phones.

Currently, there are four Xiaomi Black Shark devices, namely Black Shark, Black Shark Helo, Black Shark 2, and Black Shark 2 Pro. These four devices are eligible to get the JoyUI 11 update.

At present, there is no information available regarding JoyUI 11’s features. However, many speculate that we will get different gaming mode toggles for different games. It will somehow use its high-functioning processor to the maximum only when needed in certain games. This will be good regarding battery life, but again, this is just a speculation.

So, a new UI with improved speed and gaming performance is what we are looking at with the JoyUI 11. Let’s see how the end consumers feel about this new UI when it is pushed over to every black shark device.

The stable version of JoyUI 11 will be rolled out in December 2019. Ahead of its final release, the company now allows 20,000 beta testers to experience JoyUI. If you are an owner of a Black Shark device, then you can register on Black Shark’s WeChat group/ community website. The company will select 20,000 users randomly for a beta test.

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