Google Tensor G4 Could Come With Better Thermals and Power Efficiency: Report

Google has used its custom chips for its Pixel lineup since the Pixel 6 series, called the Google Tensor. Under the hood, they are just customized Exynos chips with Samsung’s fabrication technology. While Google makes good use of these chips in terms of image processing and artificial intelligence-based features, they are not performing well.

All the Google Tensor chips up until now have had major heating issues. Their power efficiency is also lacking. Both of these issues result in these chips falling apart under pressure. And eventually places them significantly behind the competition. However, that is likely going to change moving forward.

Tensor G4 to Adopt FOWLP Technology

In recent news, a report has surfaced on the internet. The report, published by the Korean news outlet Financial News, states that Google and Samsung are working on developing the Tensor G4 chip. This chip is reportedly going to use Samsung’s latest 4nm fabrication.

It will also use a new packaging method called the FOWLP method. The FOWLP method is short for the Fan-Out Wafer Level Packaging method. As per the report, this will likely improve the heat management of the Tensor G4 chip. The power efficiency will also improve.

Representational Image/ Exynos 2400 is Samsung’s first chip to use FOWLP technology.

A comparison is drawn to the Tensor G3 chip as the reference here. Looking back at the Tensor G3, one can see it also uses a version of the FOWLP method. While the thermals on the G3 were not the best, they were undoubtedly improved compared to the Tensor G2.

Previous reports state that the Tensor G4 chip will be an incremental upgrade from the Tensor G3. However, improved power efficiency and better heat management could translate to a slightly bigger upgrade in terms of real-world performance.

The Tensor G4 chip will come out this year, likely in the first half. The first device to feature this processor could be the Pixel Fold 2. That is, if the chip is ready and Google decides to launch their second generation foldable phone around the same time they launched their first. And then there is the Pixel 9 series, which will most certainly feature the Tensor G4 chip.

Future of Tensor Chips

The abovementioned issues often deter potential customers from buying Google Pixel phones. Part of why Google’s Tensor chips do not perform well when compared to the competition is Samsung’s foundry. Samsung’s processes have been notably infamous for poor thermal and power efficiency.

As per reports, Google plans to ditch Samsung’s fabrication starting from the Tensor G5 chip, which will most likely come out in 2025. They will adopt TSMC’s fabrication, which has been significantly better in most aspects. New Qualcomm and MediaTek chips are clear evidence of that. That could put Tensor chips in head-to-head competition with these chips, which would be good for the end customer.

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