Pixel Fold 2 Display Size Leaks: What to Expect?

Google Pixel Fold 2, as the name suggests, is Google’s second-generation foldable phone. The predecessor was launched in the Summer of 2023 at a starting price of $1,799.

To sum up, the first Pixel Fold received mixed feedback. We do not think it made any sales milestones either. Google only launched it as a prototype device to show that they could make foldable phones.  It was appreciated for its refined software but criticized for lackluster hardware.

Returning to the Pixel Fold 2 is expected to bring major upgrades. Although the device has time for launch, leaks have been coming out for a while now. Incremental upgrades are coming as expected, such as a better and faster processor, better battery, improved cameras, etc. However, this time around, there have also been changes to the phone’s dimensions.

Google Pixel Fold 2 Screen Sizes

As per the leaks, the Pixel Fold 2 is expected to have a larger display. The predecessor followed a compact device approach when folded, but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.

Display Size Pixel Fold Pixel Fold 2 (Rumored)
Folding 7.6 inches 8.02 inches
Cover 5.8 inches 6.29 inches

According to some previous leaks, the Pixel Fold 2’s outer display was expected to increase from 5.8-inch to 6.4-inch. However, according to DSCCRoss on Twitter, it will have a slightly smaller 6.29-inch screen instead. The tweet of the leaker reads, “The leaks on the Pixel Fold 2 don’t have the display sizes right. 8.02″ for the foldable display and 6.29″ for the cover display. Panel production starts in April! It is coming.”

foldable display

Undeniably, the outer display size is directly proportional to the inner display size. So, as expected, the inner display will also be getting a size increase. It is said the Pixel Fold 2’s inner display will go from 7.6 inches of the Pixel Fold 1 to an 8.02-inch panel. They’re aiming for an Ultra-thin design choice with slim bezels, finally making the overall aesthetics of the device modern.

Some people are disappointed that it doesn’t retain the small foldable dimensions, similar to the original Pixel Fold and the Oppo Find N2. However, this is a generally more preferred aspect ratio.

Pixel Fold 2 against competitors

The Pixel Fold 2 seems to be a promising device this time around. It looks like it will give tough competition to Samsung’s Z fold series. However, the device also has more competition with an entry from OnePlus this time.

The dimensions of both seem to be fairly different, with the OnePlus Open having a 6.31-inch outer display and a 7.82-inch inner display.

The OnePlus Open gave tremendous competition to the Galaxy Z Fold 5. Many reviewers also claimed the former set a benchmark for foldable devices in many aspects.

If they fix the hardware with a better chipset and larger camera sensors, it can easily take on the OnePlus Open. Despite the OnePlus Open having the best foldable phone hardware, it misses out on Quality Control. QC isn’t Google’s strong suit either, and we hope they iron things out with the sequel to the Pixel Fold.

We expect the Pixel Fold 2 to launch after Q2 2024, and we might get an announcement at the Google I/O event, which will mostly tease the Pixel 9 series and also announce Android 15 to the world.

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