Google Pixel Fold 2 Leaks and Rumors: Everything We Know So Far

Google released its first generation folding phone in June 2023. The phone received an overall average rating because it had weak hardware for a high price while its competitors, like the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and OnePlus Open, were far ahead.

However, no matter what hardware flaws Pixel phones have, their software is the opposite of that. The software of Google Pixel Fold faired well against the competition and was praised for being optimized. It was also commended for utilizing the given hardware at its maximum potential.

As we continue into 2024, we get more rumors and leaks about the Google Pixel Fold 2. As it’s a second-generation product, it’s expected to iron out most, if not all, of the major flaws of the original Pixel Fold.

As of now, there is little known about the Google Pixel Fold 2. Most of the information is speculations of what could come

Google Pixel Fold 2 Design and Display

Google Pixel Fold 2’s hint started late last year itself. This happened because its Comet codename was leaked via the Pixel Buds partner app. After a while of no information, we recently got its leaked images. The images imply a major redesign of the overall device.

pixel Fold 2 Design
Credit: Androidauthority

The phone’s rear has a new camera bump design at the top-right corner instead of the middle, like the standard Pixel devices and the original Pixel Fold. Unfortunately, we might lose the only remaining small foldable on the market.

The front of the phone, which was a major drawback with the predecessor, seems to have been fixed, too. It looks to have thin bezels like the OnePlus Open and potentially even has an under-display camera to minimize distractions. This matches the Galaxy Z Fold 5. The inner display is also expected to have a more square aspect ratio. It’s no longer the Oppo Find N style small foldable but a regular foldable like the OnePlus Open. It’s not as tall as the Z Fold 5, though.

Another notable change in the design is the hinge mechanism, which also seems to be similar to the OnePlus. The first-generation Pixel fold had a notebook-style hinge with a large display. However, it was criticized for its weight and some design elements. Fortunately, Google will improve these and other new elements to enhance user experience.

Google Pixel Fold 2 Specifications

Another key aspect of criticism for the original Google Pixel Fold was the performance. The Pixel Fold used the same Tensor G2 as the Google Pixel 7a, which is 1/4th of the price. Although the performance was fine for casual usage, the phone fell behind competitors by a fairly big margin in intensive tasks.

We will likely see the Tensor G3 in the Pixel Fold 2 this time. Nonetheless, this is a disappointment if true, as it will be used in the upcoming Google Pixel 8a, which will likely be 1/4th of the price again.

However, rumors exist that the phone could potentially use the Tensor G4. The rumors claim the phone will use the upcoming Tensor G4 by Google, codenamed “Zumapro.” This new SoC might bring several performance improvements over the original Pixel Fold.

The Pixel Fold 2 is also expected to boast 16GB of RAM. This is a noticeable upgrade from the predecessor’s 12GB; if true, it will be a first for a Google smartphone.

Google Pixel Fold 2 Software

Software wasn’t an area of concern even with the original Pixel Fold. The phone had optimized software for smooth performance and was tuned well for the large inner screen.

The Pixel Fold was promised 3 years of OS updates with 5 years of security patches. But four months later, at the Pixel 8 series launch, Google promised these new models 7 years of OS updates and security patches.

Pixel Fold 2 users are guaranteed at least 7 years of OS updates and security patches. The phone might come out of the box with Android 14, but there is also a possibility of Android 15. The phone has excellent optimized foldable software and good multitasking features.

This time, Google has started to face competition in the foldable segment from new entries like OnePlus. The brand was praised for having commendable software for the large screen. Due to this, Google is compelled to add new quality-of-life features to the software. It’s most likely these new features will come with Android 15.

Google Pixel Fold 2 Cameras

The original Pixel Fold didn’t have the best camera hardware but took commendable shots. To give an idea, the Google Pixel Fold ranked above the flagships of all other major brands in the standard category of MKBHD’s blind camera comparison.

That said, we can expect the Pixel Fold 2’s cameras only to be an improvement and compete well with the competition this time around, too.

The hardware of the original Pixel Fold was similar to the Pixel 7A, and it had a relatively weak 5X periscope camera. We hope it gets a larger primary sensor and a better periscope camera. The GN1 main sensor on the Pixel 8 Pro is perfect. If Google plans to make the Pixel Fold 2 thicker and larger, even the same setup as the Pixel 8 Pro is possible. This is similar to the OnePlus Open’s approach, which is nearly identical to the OnePlus 12. This will help it compete with the Z Fold 6 a lot better.

Price prediction

The Pixel Fold 2 could launch more cheaply than the original Pixel Fold. The Pixel Fold started at an absurd $1799/ $1919 (512GB) in the USA. For context, the OnePlus Open is only 1499$ after discounts, and the Fold 5 is the same price as the Pixel Fold.

The Pixel Fold was overpriced, with a much weaker chip, poor thermals, outdated design, and other complications. But since there’s competition now, Google might price the Pixel Fold 2 much more competitively.

The Pixel Fold rapidly fell to about 1399$, a fairer price. We expect the Pixel Fold 2 to launch for around 1499$ or 1599$ this time, which is much more reasonable.

Release window prediction

  • The Pixel Fold 2 is expected to be released in May 2024.

The Pixel Fold was announced in May 2023. The announcement for the Pixel Fold 2 will depend on the dates of the Google I/O event. We expect it in May 2024. It also depends on the chipset Google decides to use.

If it’s the Tensor G3, it will mostly be available much sooner than if they choose to use a different chip. The Pixel Fold was more of a first-gen experimental product, but Google will take the phone much more seriously with the Pixel Fold 2.

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