Apple Vision Pro: When will it be Available to the Market?

The progress of Virtual Reality (AR) and Augmented Reality (VR) is growing daily. Technology has started becoming mature this year. Major companies like Microsoft, Google, Sony, and Samsung have recently developed concepts and actual products.

Likewise, the Cupertino-based Tech Company has also entered the virtual reality world. The Apple Vision Pro is an example of developing the spatial computing era. It is the company’s very first mixed-reality headset. With the announced pricing of $3,499, the headset is the most expensive VR headset available. In this article, we will primarily discuss the release date, availability, and features of the Apple Vision Pro.

Apple Vision Pro Features

The Apple Vision Pro offers an infinite canvas. You can manage and arrange the applications you love anywhere and in any preferable size, staying present physically. The Vision Pro will bring 3D objects into virtual reality. You can feel the object’s presence by looking at it from any angle. This will make you think the object is right before you. It can also work with Bluetooth accessories like Magic Keyboard and Trackpad.

With the help of the Apple Vision Pro, you can convert your room into a personal theatre—providing you with a beautiful experience. Apple Immersive Videos, introduced alongside, are 180-degree 3D 8K recordings, making you feel present at that location.

The Apple Vision Pro offers the company’s first 3D camera, which will help you capture spatial photos and videos in 3D. You can feel your presence and experience that you are standing right where you took them. The product has a dedicated button to help you easily capture photos and videos.

Apple Vision Pro
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The company has spent many years developing a product like this—Apple Vision Pro. Hence, the construction of the product is too rugged. The enclosure comprises a singular piece of three-dimensional formed laminated glass. A Light Seal also lets you adjust the best fit for your face. The headband provided has soft cushioning and tension, enabling you to adjust the size according to your head. The external battery supports 2 hours of usage when plugged out and unlimited usage when plugged in. The speakers are located close to your ears and deliver Spatial Audio while allowing you to listen to ambient noises.

The Apple Vision Pro comes with visionOS, the dedicated software explicitly designed for the headset. It is built using iOS, iPadOS, and macOS features. The visionOS helps you control the headset with your eyes, hands, and voice. The visionOS uses EyeSight, which shows other people and surroundings around you and your eyes so they feel like they are interacting with you like they usually do.

The headset comes with a custom micro-OLED display system and delivers 23 million pixels, 64 times the pixel density of an iPhone. Apple has incorporated its most advanced Spatial Audio system in its Vision Pro. The dual-driver audio pods beside each ear deliver dynamic sound by analyzing the room’s properties and materials.

The company has used LEDs and infrared cameras, which perform high-performance eye tracking. The Vision Pro comes with high-resolution cameras that deliver more than a billion pixels per second.

The displays of the VisionPro are the best launched yet. It features two micro-OLED 4K displays, each for the eye. The expected display resolution of the headset is 3800 × 3000 per eye.

The prominent performer in the Apple Vision Pro is the dual-chip design. The mighty Apple’s M2 chipset, along with the visionOS, controls the overall performance of the headset. It can execute computer vision algorithms, gorgeous graphics, and magnificent efficiency. The company has also unveiled a new R1 chipset. It mainly collects data from the sensors, microphones, and cameras to reduce the latency.

Apple Vision Pro Release Date

  • Apple announced its new mixed-reality headset, Vision Pro, on June 5 at WWDC 2023. The headset will be released in early 2024 in the United States.

While we are unaware of the official release date of the headset, the company has confirmed that it will become available for purchase in early 2024. Launching at the given time, the Vision Pro will only be available to US consumers. After successfully occupying it in the US, the Vision Pro will be made available to other markets soon. We may soon expect the launch of the Apple Vision Pro in India.

Speaking of the price, the company announced the price of $3,499 for the US. As we don’t know about the launch date of the other countries, we don’t know their prices for the other countries. According to a leaker, the company only spends $1,509 for one headset. If true, Apple is gaining a massive $1,990 price value with each headset purchased.

Apple Vision Pro Availability

For the time being, the Vision Pro can’t be preordered. If you are excited to try out Apple’s first mixed reality headset, sign up for a notification prompt from their official website. Doing this will alert you about the product’s availability, and you can preorder the same. It will be available on and at Apple Store locations in the US.


What do you think of the company’s first headset? What do you think of the price the company has announced? Do you believe the Vision Pro will perform successfully in the market? Let us know by dropping the comments below. We will keep feeding the post based on the latest news. Make sure to be connected with us.

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