Apple’s Reality Pro VR Headset Display Specifications Surface Online

We are three days away from Apple’s most significant event of the year, the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC). The people at Apple claim this year’s WWDC to be one of the most exciting yet. This year’s most significant highlight of this event will be Apple’s very own AR/VR headset, which will be named Reality Pro, as per reports.

As is the case with most tech events, several details regarding this product have already been leaked online before its launch announcement at the WWDC. Ross Young, the CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC), has recently posted a tweet sharing the specifics of the two Apple Reality Pro displays.

headset display specifications

The headset will use panels based on Micro OLED technology for the two displays. Both are said to have 4K resolution (2160p), with a size of 1.41 inches along the diagonals. The tweet also mentions displays with a whopping pixel count of 4000 per inch. After some calculations, the sides are sized at around 1 inch each, which means the two displays will likely be square-shaped. What is even more fascinating is the brightness of the panels. As per the same source, each panel will peak at 5000 nits of brightness, or perhaps even more. On a related note, the initial suppliers for the Reality Pro panels will be Sony and LG, according to sources.

These seem to be pretty strong specifications, as compared to the competition. However, the pricing is not going to be very pocket-friendly. The expected price of the Reality Pro VR Headset is around USD 1500. Despite insufficient information on these theories, some people even speculate about a non-Pro headset. Besides, the specifications above of the Reality Pro have not been confirmed by Apple as of now, though the source is quite reliable. So, we may or may not see slight variations in the actual product.

The Reality Pro has the potential to make a profound impact on this industry. So, let us see how the future of this product unfolds.

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