macOS 14 Sonoma: Everything We Know So Far

macOS 14 is Apple’s next operating system version for its Mac models. Mac users are eager to know more about the upcoming macOS version. Here is what we know about the company’s latest macOS version.

Update June 5, 2023: Apple has announced the latest version of its Mac operating system, macOS 14, called macOS Sonoma. The new macOS Sonoma includes several new features, including desktop widgets, Live stickers in Messages, Aerial screensavers, a new Game Mode, enhancements to apps like Messages, Profiles in Safari, Screen Sharing Picker, Web Apps in Dock, and more. The software is available for developers.

macOS Sonoma

macOS 14 Sonoma expected release window

Apple announced macOS 14, dubbed as macOS Sonoma, on June 5 at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2023. As of now, the developer beta build has been released. Apple has confirmed that the public beta will be made available in July 2023. If Apple follows the previous release pattern, the official release will be around October 2023.

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macOS 14 Features (Expected)

Apple has not disclosed the features of macOS 14 yet. However, there are speculations that the focus will be on tighter integration between macOS and iPadOS, similar to previous releases. The company is expected to expand on the Catalyst project, Universal Control, Stage Manager, and the Freeform app to enhance the user experience further.

macOS 14 Name

Apple has been using California landmarks for the names of its macOS versions since 2013’s Mavericks. Some of the names mentioned in the past that have not been used yet include Mammoth, Sequoia, Sonoma, and Redwood. It is expected that Apple will continue the trend. Still, if the company goes in a different direction, we might see names beyond the California border, such as macOS Rocky Mountains or macOS Everglades.

macos model

macOS 14 Compatible Mac Models

As Apple focuses on Mac models with its silicon, we might see more Intel-based Mac models losing compatibility with macOS 14. Here are the Macs that currently support macOS 13 Ventura:

  • 2017 iMac and later
  • 2017 iMac Pro
  • 2018 MacBook Air and later
  • 2017 MacBook Pro and later
  • 2019 Mac Pro and later
  • 2018 Mac Mini and later
  • 2017 MacBook and later
  • 2022 Mac Studio

It is worth noting that this list might change as Apple moves away from Intel-based Macs.

Possible New Features and Latest Rumors

While there are no confirmed features for macOS 14 yet, there are rumors and speculations based on the iPhone and iPad. One potential feature is adding widgets, which are currently located in the Notification Center and are hidden. Apple might allow users to add widgets to the desktop to make them more useful.

Another area for improvement is the Stage Manager feature, which debuted in macOS 13 Ventura. Stage Manager is also available through iPadOS on select iPad models. A learning curve is associated with using Stage Manager on Mac, and it might benefit from some right-click functionality.

We might also see a new native app for macOS, perhaps the Translate or Watch app. This is because, last year, we saw a new native Weather app. Nevertheless, these are just expectations, and we don’t know what Apple has in store for us.

Summing Up

To sum it up, macOS 14 is expected to bring tighter integration between macOS and iPadOS, with the continuation of the Catalyst project, Universal Control, Stage Manager, and the Freeform app. The official release date is expected to be in October 2023, following the announcement at WWDC in June 2023. While there are no confirmed features, adding widgets and improvements to Stage Manager are some potential updates that users can look forward to. What features do you want on macOS 14? Let us know in the comments section below.

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