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Xiaomi Starts Working on MIUI 12: Everything You Need to Know

MIUI 12 is the next major upgrade from Xiaomi

Xiaomi launched the MIUI 11 global version for their devices worldwide running on top of Android 9 and 10. Now Xiaomi has given out the list of devices in India that will be receiving the new update, along with the dates for each one of them. But what has come as new now is the company’s executive Xu Jieyun’s post via Weibo which reveals that the next MIUI 12 update is under development already. It has been just a few months since MIUI 11 was launched globally, and now the company is already working on MIUI 12. This is a welcome change as Xiaomi is always held accountable for slow updates on their wide variety of devices.

What is MIUI 12?

MIUI 12 is an upcoming custom skin based on the Android operating system for Mi and Redmi phones. In other words, MIUI 12 is a modified version of Android OS with infinite customizations options.

Nothing is certain about the features of MIUI 12 as of now, as it is just the initial days of development. Even Xu Jieyun did not reveal any specific change, just the fact that MIUI 11 was a welcome update but there is still room for improvement from Xiaomi’s point of view. As days past by more and more leaks will suggest what vision Xiaomi has for their next big update. At present, the company has published its next-generation MIUI 12 logo officially through its Weibo account.

MIUI 12 Logo
MIUI 12 Logo

List of possible features of MIUI 12

  • New navigation and gestures
  • Better camera UI
  • Perfect dark mode
  • New notification system
  • System-level changes
  • Optimized ad services

Note: These are unofficial features which are published by a user on China’s MIUI Community.

New navigation and gestures:

MIUI 12 leaks suggest a revamped navigation settings for Xiaomi devices. This new navigations button at the bottom looks more refined and will surely bring new gesture controls too. This gives MIUI 12 a whole new iOS type feel if it didn’t already feel inspired enough.

New Navigation and Gestures

Better camera UI:

One of the most anticipated change will come to the camera UI of MIUI. With all the hardware advancements in recent times with mobile lenses, software revamp should be a welcome change. Nothing much about it is known so far and we will have to wait a bit longer to see how it pans out.

Better Camera UI

Perfect dark mode:

Yes, that’s the phrase that is out there about this new feature. MIUI 11 already has a dark mode but it has left its users wanted for as it feels somewhat unpolished. But with the new MIUI 12, we can expect a big change here as system applications will have a better optimized dark mode.

Perfect dark mode

One of the MIUI’s engineer has also confirmed that the upcoming MIUI 12 will come with global system-wide dark mode support. That means dark mode feature can be enabled by a user in almost all third-party apps. The dark theme will turn the background colour to black or dark grey and text colour to white. Moreover, the dark theme will reduce battery drain and strain on eyes.

New notification system:

With the new MIUI 12, it is expected that we will see a completely revamped notification centre. Over the years it had stuck to the same interface but this time around we might see a big change here with the inclusion of new notification manager. It will allow the user to control everything about the notification from style, design to the font.

New Notification system

System-level changes:

This could be a piece of good news to many as Xiaomi is saying about some new additions to the system UI overall, hinting towards possibly some new health services.

Optimized ad services:

MIUI users hate the ad services but they know they don’t have a choice. However, with MIUI 12 it is expected that we some new optimizes to the advertising services. What is means, is still a mystery. Maybe we will get an option to disable it, or maybe we can tweak settings around to make it less disturbing.

When will MIUI 12 be released?

The upcoming Xiaomi’s User Interface “MIUI 12” expected to be announced in June 2020. It is also expected that the next-generation Xiaomi’s custom skin will be announced at its upcoming 10th-anniversary event. Initially, the newer/flagship phones will receive an MIUI 12 build based on Android 10. Once Google’s stable Android 11 started rolling out to Pixel devices, Xiaomi will also work to roll out MIUI 12 based on Android 11 for a couple of devices. Xiaomi’s development team has also announced that the development of MIUI 11 has been stopped which suggests that MIUI 12 development is around the corner.

List of phones expected to receive MIUI 12 update

Please note that the above list is not an official list from Xiaomi. The list shows expected phones that may support the upcoming MIUI 12.

About predecessor MIUI 11

As for the new things on the MIUI 11, we have some visual and battery optimization changes as major changes. Coming to visuals we see a wide variety of always-on display themes and new functions, softer icons, advanced dark mode for the whole and some other minor changes. Moving on to the battery we see some ultra battery saving features, that will close down almost all apps and activity on the phone except for phone and messaging.

miui 11 features

Additionally there some tweaks made in the audio department, to give a more spatial listening experience. On top of it, we have some new themes, animations, transition effects and default wallpapers. You can download MIUI ROM from the Community page.

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