Will iPhone X Get the iOS 17 Update?

The iPhone X is memorable for introducing highly slim bezels and pushing smartphone design forward. Competitors overtook it about two years ago, but it was an exquisite design except for the display intrusion.

The Face ID module took up some screen estate and interrupted multimedia and games. Except for this design flaw, the phone was praised for having an exquisite design.

Most phones at the time (and years to come) had a thicker chin (bottom bezel) than the side bezels. The iPhone X folds the OLED screen underneath the display, avoiding a thick chin.

Recap of iPhone X

The iPhone X wasn’t the highest-specced phone then but was a balanced flagship. It was significant for the time, at 5.8″. The iPhone X was also Apple’s first iPhone with an OLED display.

The iPhone X had a 5.8″ 60Hz OLED panel with fairly decent brightness, good out-of-the-box color calibration, and Dolby Vision support. The resolution was 1125*2436, which sits at a little above 1080P.

It was also the second last phone to have physical components internally for 3D Touch. Newer models replace it with Haptic Touch.

The 10nm A11 Bionic SOC was an outstanding performer at the time and still runs everyday tasks well to this day, with no smoothness issues. 3GB RAM might be an issue in 2023, though.

The camera system is a dual 12MP (1/3″ 28mm, primary)+ 12MP (1/3.4″ 2X telephoto) setup. The front camera is a 7MP sensor. The only issue with the X was battery life since it shipped with a tiny 2700 mAh battery.

The iPhone X wasn’t just the first to introduce the sleek design and OLED to iPhones, but also the first iPhone with Face ID.

iphone x look
The image shows the iPhone X

iPhone X update history

The iPhone X shipped with iOS 11 out of the box. iOS 11 was a significant update, with many redesigns to first-party apps. The App Store got the most design updates.

Portrait mode got OIS and HDR, the camera could automatically identify and scan QR codes, and there were new video and photo formats (HEIF and HEVC).

There was a complete control center redesign as well. New features were added to the Files and Notes apps to make them more functional.

Since the out-of-the-box version, the iPhone X has consistently received major iOS and security updates. On September 17, 2018, the iPhone X got iOS 12, its first major iOS update.

On September 19, 2019, the iPhone X got the iOS 13 update, which introduced dark mode to iOS with some visual changes. It got iOS 14 on September 16, 2020, and this was a good update, too, with the App Library and home screen widgets.

On September 20, 2021, the phone got the iOS 15 update, adding some ecosystem features and Live Text. Finally, on September 12, 2022, the iPhone X received the latest iOS 16 update.

iOS 16 brought a complete lock screen redesign, a. battery percent indicator, new iMessage features, keyboard haptics, better drag and drop, and more. The latest version is iOS 16.5, which the iPhone X got on May 2023.

The dates above are accurate since Apple’s updates land on the same day for all iPhones, regardless of region and carrier.

iPhone X iOS 17 Update Status

There aren’t any clear-cur reports at the moment. Information from analysts is highly contradictory, with some claiming that the X will no longer be supported and others saying that the iPhone X, 8, and 8+ will all receive iOS 17.

Initial rumors from MacRumors described that the iPhone X would not receive iOS 17 and that iOS 16 is the last major update for this phone. There’s one reason to support this theory, and that concerns the security of these phones.

A Boot ROM security vulnerability with the A10 chip (hardware) is impossible to fix with an update. You can modify iOS file systems and jailbreak if you take advantage of this.

However, we can’t confirm if this vulnerability is a significant reason for Apple to drop support. A counter-report from MacRumors claims that reliable leakers with internal sources now say that the iPhone X will still support iOS 17.

This contradicts the other report, making it difficult to determine whether the iPhone X will support iOS 17.

If iOS 17 is a feature-packed update, users will miss out on a lot. Also, app support on older versions of iOS isn’t that great.

Apple has made it easier to install iOS 17 beta by adding a new “Beta Updates” section in the Settings app. If iOS 17 is available for the iPhone X, you can follow our guide to install the iOS 17 developer beta.


Apple does not explicitly promise six years of updates. And the iPhone X already got the five promised years of major updates. There’s still a chance it’ll get dropped this year. Many iPhones lost support last year, all with the A10 Bionic and below.

But since the iPhone X is an iconic phone that’s still popular today, and assuming that the A11 Bionic is powerful enough, there’s a good chance that the iPhone X will support iOS 17.

However, if there are serious security concerns, Apple will drop support. We’ll find out on June 5, 2023, at WWDC. We’ll keep you updated if there’s any other news.

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