iPhone 14 Pro Users are Facing Flashing Horizontal Lines Issue

iOS 16 is notorious for bugs, and there has recently been an influx of reports that describe display problems with several iPhones after software updates. It’s unclear whether the updates cause problems or whether the display panel is from a batch with poor quality control. This time, the iPhone 14 Pro seems to be affected.

There’s a strong possibility that these problems are a combination of software and hardware. If developers push updates without adequate testing, the updates are bound to be buggy.

Updates might alter some voltage values and change the display’s color calibration. If the panel isn’t a good quality one, it’s getting affected by several problems post-OTA updates.

Either that or the OLED panels are beginning to reveal their flaws. There are various display problems, but common ones include green lines, green and grey tint, off-axis rainbowing, flash and flicker at low brightness, etc. In rare cases, the entire screen only displays one color.

Some iPhone 14 Pro units have an annoying display issue

Some iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max users on Reddit, Twitter, and Apple Support forums have been reporting problems with flashing horizontal lines on their phones after a restart, with no good reason as to why it happened. There seems to be no easy way to fix this either.

Flashing Horizontal

Usually, some screen rainbowing and flashing issues or weird line patterns appearing on your screen frequently are telltale signs of a bad panel. Provided your panel has such problems, there is a chance it might completely fail soon. It might develop worse issues with tint and discoloration that make the display unusable or just terrible to look at.

Issues like ghost touch severely hinder practical usage. Display color issues make it unsuitable for content consumption. The issue hasn’t been happening only for a select minority, and we’re not making a fuss about something that isn’t major. Several people using iPhones have reported issues with display quality control.

Display problems aren’t exclusive to the 14 Pro/ Max; several iPhone 13 units last month reported green line issues, and the number was significant enough. This could foreshadow larger problems with the screens, too. Dozens of people have taken to Apple Support for help.

Apple support has supposedly told them that it’s a problem with the iOS 16 update and not a problem with the phone’s hardware. We cannot confirm this since display issues could be hardware faults, too.

It looks like the bug isn’t exclusive to iOS 16.2. People on older versions of iOS 16 have this problem as well. If it’s true that Apple’s support has indeed conveyed that it’s a software problem, we should see a fix coming in the next few weeks. The exact details of what the Apple Support Engineer has communicated remain unknown.

Apple does not typically publicly admit faults with software, so there’s no point in waiting for an official announcement. If you have this problem, it’s best to wait for the iOS 16.3 update.

You may also visit an Apple-authorised service center if your unit has severe Horizontal Lines problems. Apple might silently address the issues with the iOS 16.3 update that will mostly come out in January 2023.

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