iOS 16 Problems

iOS 16 Problems and Bugs Tracker: How to Fix Them?

We may encounter several bugs with iOS 16

Apple announced its new versions of iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS at WWDC 2022 (Worldwide Developer Conference). iOS 16 is the latest iOS version announced at the same event. Now the stable iOS 16 Update is rolling out to eligible iPhones.

With every new version of iOS, we encounter several bugs too. These issues are very common in the beta release but often persist in the stable or official release. For reference, we faced several bugs in iOS 15 last year, which made iOS 15 very buggy. Several users reported many bugs, including rapid battery drain, frequent app crashes, connectivity issues, etc. Let’s look at common problems we might face with the upcoming iOS 16.

List of All iOS 16 Bugs

1. App Crash Issue: iPhone users are encountering an app crash issue after installing iOS 16. It should be noted if your TikTok app has crashed on iPhone running iOS 16, then do not worry, as this is a global issue. It will fix soon.

2. Scrolling Bug: iPhone X Devices running iOS 16 are facing scrolling issues. Scrolling is not working properly unless you use two fingers.

3. Unable to Update Apps: There is an issue accepting T&Cs in App Store on iOS 16. Users are getting the “There was an error. Please try later” error.

4. Lock Screen Widget Issue: An iOS 16 bug affects all third-party Lock Screen widgets. To fix the issue, navigate to the Settings app> General> Language & Region. Now toggle your temperature setting back and forth, and then you should be all set.

5. Battery Drain Issue: Several iPhone users are complaining about severe battery drain. It should be noted that battery drain after an iOS upgrade is normal as your device re-indexes apps and data. The issue usually resolves itself within 48 hours.

6. Bug on apps and games: There is a bug with the system’s three-finger gestures and affecting gameplay. You can read a game developer’s tweet here.

7. Screen: Some iPhone Users are Facing Screen Flickering problems.

8. HDMI: iOS 16 breaks the HDMI functionality for some iPhone users.

9. Wallpaper: Depth Effect is not working.

10. Weather App: The other recent bug in the list is the weather application not providing accurate information. Many users have reported that the weather app on iOS 16 is inaccurate for forecasting weather and temperature. It also crashes whenever new locations are added.

11. Other Bugs: Camera issue of shaking and vibrating, Excessive copy/paste permission prompts, Display appears entirely black, Unavailable VoiceOver, and Unresponsive touch input. To fix all these bugs, update your iPhone to iOS 16.0.2 version.

If you are facing any other bugs, please write in the comment section or tag us on Twitter @dealntech. We will add it here.

iOS 16 Problems with Solutions

The iOS 15 is known to be the most unstable iOS update of all time. We might get a similar unstable experience with the iOS 16. We may encounter the following common problems.

1. iOS 16 Rapid Battery Drain

Battery drain has been an issue on iOS for a long time. Battery draining is caused by inefficient battery usage and a lack of optimization for Apps. This issue is not minor and could be a big problem for many users.

iOS 15 faced a rapid battery draining issue for a long time until Apple finally fixed it with iOS 15.4.1. So the battery draining issue on iOS 16 may not get resolved by Apple until Q4 2022. You can toggle some settings to control the battery drain to a certain extent. Recommend settings are to turn off Background App Refresh and Location Services as these are very power-hungry features. Also, enable the Low Power Mode

Use Low Power Mode

2. iOS 16 App Crashing Issue

Any new iOS version is designed to best work with the latest and updated applications, and iOS 16 is no exception. Hence many users might encounter app crashes where some apps crash at launch and others while in use. You can get rid of it by updating the outdated apps on your iPhone. If the app is already running on its latest version, you can try deleting and reinstalling it.

iphone app update

3. iOS 16 Wi-Fi Not Working

Wi-Fi issue has been a common problem for almost every new iOS version. We might see a Wi-Fi connectivity issue on iOS 16 too. This problem can be resolved in three different ways.

  • Try turning ON/OFF the Wi-Fi.
  • Forget the Wi-Fi network and reconnect. To do this, tap on the blue “i” icon on the right and tap on “Forget This Network”.
  • Reset network settings by navigating Settings >General >Transfer or Reset iPhone >Reset >Reset Network Settings.

ios wifi

4. iOS 16 Touchscreen Unresponsiveness

An unresponsive touchscreen is, by far, the worst nightmare for any smartphone user. And unfortunately, there is no permanent solution to this frustrating problem. But don’t worry; some solutions can fix the issue temporarily.

As previously stated, update any outdated apps on your iPhone. If the problem persists, you can try to force restart your iPhone, which may fix the issue but only for a limited time. You can hard reset your iPhone using the following procedure:

  • On iPhone 8 or later: Press and quickly release the volume-up button. Do the same with the volume down button. Now press and hold the button and release it once the Apple logo appears.
  • On iPhone 7/7 Plus: Press and hold the volume down button and power button simultaneously and release them once the Apple logo appears.

5. iOS 16 Bluetooth Not Working

Like the Wi-Fi connectivity issue, the Bluetooth connectivity issue has also existed on almost every version of iOS. This issue should not be any surprise for iOS 16. Your iPhone may refuse to connect to other devices via Bluetooth. You may also encounter frequent Bluetooth disconnections. The problem can be resolved by:

  • Turning ON/OFF the Wi-Fi.
  • Forget the Wi-Fi network and reconnect. To do this, tap on the blue “i” icon on the right and tap on “Forget This Network”.
  • Reset network settings by navigating Settings >General >Transfer or Reset iPhone >Reset >Reset Network Settings.

iOS 16 Bluetooth

These were some common problems that we might face with iOS 16. What are your thoughts on the bugs? Do let us know in the comments. And if you want to downgrade from iOS 16 to iOS 16, click here to find out the steps.

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  1. Some websites won’t open on my iPhone 14 pro max but will open on my iPhone SE 2020
    Both running iOS 16.0.2

  2. Messaging app keeps opening up on conversations instead of the main page. Not even of a conversation I had with someone that day.
    Also, the notification option for which way they appear isn’t doing the one I want and just defaults to the “scrolling up” to show notifications.

  3. Siri no longer tells me what flights are above me. iPhone 13 Pro Max.

  4. Since upgrading to ios 16 , iphone 13 overheat when plugged to carplay with cable.
    There is an alert of overheating on the screen and it stops charging.
    It happens also on short distances drive.

  5. I upgraded on my iphone 8 and now I cannot forward photos or files from my phone. If I try to send an email, it never gets sent and if I try to send it to another app, like Slack, it never opens the app.

  6. As of 9/18/22 @ 2:46 PM EST, banking app is still not working. I’m sure it is the IOS 16 upgrade as I can access my account with an old iPhone 7, an old iPad, and my Windows computer but not with my iPhone 11 since the IOS 16.0 upgrade. This is a major problem as I am heavily dependent on mobile check deposits so I must now either be home and connected to my own wifi or else carry two devices and use one of the old ones to connect to someone else’s wifi in order to deposit rent checks and checks from customers.

  7. After installing the iOS 16 , it didn’t give me the features of editing my text messages up 15 mins after being sent. As matter of fact , it doesn’t even reference editing option at all. However, the email feature appears to work fine.

  8. Microsoft Teams now has no message box to type in. I can’t reply to any Teams chat message

  9. You repeated the same instructions to fix the wifi in the bluetooth section, was this intentional or did y’all mean something else?

  10. Thumbnails not showing at all for new downloads in Clockology app. Also in Clockology app the location is wrong. I live in Germantown and location now shows sometimes as Clarksburg and sometimes as Boyds. I don’t live in either location.

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