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Custom ROMs for Android

Best Custom ROMs for Android OS in 2020

A custom ROM is a firmware based on Google’s Android OS source code

Android is an open-source project which makes it accessible to any developer out there. Every year we see a new version of Android from Google and smartphone manufacturers and developers use this release to develop their own version of Android. Most smartphone manufacturers put on bloatware on their OS and push out to their devices exclusively. Every smartphone manufacturer has its own OS and they continue to provide support for their devices through regular updates to the OS for two years.

Reasons to Install a Custom ROM

After the tenure of two years, most Android devices don’t receive updates from their manufacturers which makes them less secure and outdated. To counter these, many people opt for Custom ROMs or custom Android builds to get the most of the current Android world. Independent developers work on their own version of the Android OS and launch several different custom ROMs for different devices. For people who own a device that is two years old, but they want to get the most updated version of Android, Custom ROM is the best option.

In this article, we will take a look at the best Android 11 custom ROMs out there which will be bug-free or will have negligible bugs in the OS. Anyone of these custom ROMs can be considered the best and this list in no particular order. Just choose the one that best meets your taste and you won’t be disappointed.

List of Android 11 Custom ROM Supported Phones

Supported PhonesAndorid 11 Custom ROM
ASUS ZenFone Max Pro M1
AOSP 11.0
ASUS ZenFone 6 BlissROMs 14
Essential Phone PH1
StatiXOS v4.0
Lenovo Z6 Pro
RevengeOS 4.0
Lenovo ZUK Z2
ArrowOS 11.0
Lenovo ZUK Z2 Plus
RevengeOS 4.0
Moto G7 Power
POSP 4.0.0
RevengeOS 4.0
Moto E 2015
MalluOS 2.0
Moto G 2015
MalluOS 2.0
Moto G3 Turbo MalluOS 2.0
Moto G4 Play MalluOS 2.0
Moto G5 Plus
ArrowOS 11.0
Nokia 6.1 Plus
POSP 4.0.0
Nokia 6.1
LineageOS 18.0
OnePlus 3
Havoc-OS 4.0
OnePlus 3T
Havoc-OS 4.0
OnePlus 5
OnePlus 5T
ArrowOS 11.0
OnePlus 6POSP 4.0.0
OnePlus 6T
POSP 4.0.0
OnePlus Nord
POSP 4.0.0
OnePlus 2
LineageOS 18.0
OnePlus 7 Pro LineageOS 18.0
OnePlus 7T ProLineageOS 18.0
OnePlus 7T
Realme X2
AOSP 11.0
Realme XT
RevengeOS 4.0
Realme X
AospExtended 8.0
Realme X2 Pro
AOSP 11.0
Realme 3 Pro LineageOS 18.0
POCO F1Reloaded OS
ArrowOS 11.0
Redmi Note 9S
StatiXOS v4.0
Redmi Note 9 Pro India
StatiXOS v4.0
Redmi Note 9 Pro Max
StatiXOS v4.0
StatiXOS v4.0
Xiaomi Mi A2
POSP 4.0.0
Redmi K20
POSP 4.0.0
Xiaomi Mi 9T
POSP 4.0.0
Xiaomi Mi 8
Redmi 3S
Redmi Note 7
Weeb Projekt
Redmi Note 7S
Weeb Projekt
Redmi Note 4
AOSP 11.0
Redmi 7
AOSP 11.0
Redmi Y3
AOSP 11.0
Redmi K20 Pro
AOSP 11.0
Mi 9T Pro
AOSP 11.0
Redmi Note 8
AOSP 11.0
Redmi Note 8T
AOSP 11.0
Xiaomi Mi A3
AOSP 11.0
Redmi 4X
RevengeOS 4.0
Xiaomi Mi A1
Redmi Note 5LineageOS 18
Redmi Note 5 ProLineageOS 18
Google Nexus 6P
StatiXOS v4.0
Google Pixel
LineageOS 18.0
Google Pixel XL LineageOS 18.0
HTC Desire Eye LineageOS 18.0
HTC One M9
AICP 16.0
HTC One Max
LineageOS 18.0
HTC U Ultra LineageOS 18.0
Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE Advanced crDroid 7.0
Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE crDroid 7.0
Samsung Galaxy S7
LineageOS 18.0
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge LineageOS 18.0
Samsung Galaxy S10e LineageOS 18.0
Samsung Galaxy S10
LineageOS 18.0
Samsung Galaxy S10+ LineageOS 18.0
POCO X2/Redmi K30 AOSP 11.0
POCO X3 PixysOS 4.0.1
Redmi 4A AospExtended 8.0
Redmi 5 RevengeOS 4.0
Redmi 5 Plus/Redmi Note 5 RevengeOS 4.0
Redmi 5A
NusantaraProject 2
Redmi 6 Pro AOSP 11.0
Redmi Note 6 Pro Pixel Extended 11
Redmi Note 7 Pro CesiumOS 3.0
Xiaomi Mi 5
LineageOS 18.0
Xiaomi Mi 5s
LineageOS 18.0
Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus LineageOS 18.0
Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite
AOSP 11.0
Xiaomi Mi Max
LineageOS 18.0
Xiaomi Mi Max Prime LineageOS 18.0
Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S ArrowOS 11.0
Xiaomi Mi Mix 3
ArrowOS 11.0
Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 ArrowOS 11.0
Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 Plus LineageOS 18.0

XDA Developers members have developed several Android 11-based custom ROMs for a bunch of smartphones. This includes StatiXOS v4.0, POSP, YAAP, ArrowOS 11.0, AOSP 11.0, RevengeOS 4.0, Havoc-OS 4.0, Reloaded OS, PixelROM, LineageOS 18.0, NusantaraProject, PixysOS 4.0.1, crDroid 7.0, Weeb Projekt, MalluOS 2.0 and BlissROMs 14. You can download ROM by heading over this page. Now you can experience Android 11 unofficially on your smartphone via the Custom ROMs.

Best Upcoming Android 11 Custom ROMs

1. LineageOS:

LineageOS is undoubtedly one of the best Custom ROMs in the Android industry right now. Taking on as the successor to the Cyanogen ROM that ended their project a while ago. Independent developers picked on it and based on Google AOSP code, this is probably the most stable, speedy, and secure custom ROM of all. Over 190 Android devices have support for more LineageOS. So chances are that any device you own right now will support it too. There was even a stat of around 1.8 million active users of LineageOS. In fact, LineageOS acts as the source for various other custom ROMs out there. Plus the monthly and nightly regular updates make it as secure as a smartphone manufacturer’s OS. Right now we have LineageOS 17.1 running on Android 10 and we can expect an update for Android 11 soon in the upcoming months which will probably be called LineageOS 18. As Android 11 source codes are now available on AOSP, LineageOS through their twitter account confirmed that Android 11 based custom ROM is on the way.

Lineage OS 18

2. Paranoid Android:

A custom ROM that is making a comeback after quite a while is the Paranoid Android. Overall, the features and customizations you get with this custom ROM might not be on par with some of the other stock Android like custom ROMs, but the minimalistic and really clean version of Android makes it a treat to use. In fact, Google itself introduced Ambient mode in their OS after it was already available on Paranoid Android. This just shows the presence that Paranoid Android once had a while ago. Now though, Paranoid is only available for some Xiaomi, Asus, Sony, Poco and Samsung devices. If you own any other device, then as of now, unfortunately, there is no way for you to get this ROM. But if you own any of these other devices, and you are looking for a custom ROM for them then there is no other better option out there. We can expect Paranoid will also build Android 11 Custom ROM next year.


3. Pixel Experience:

If Pixel devices are a bit too expensive for you but you want to have the same software experience then look no further than the Pixel Experience custom ROM. It offers the same customizations and features as the Pixel devices software do, along with a few extra ones. Apart from similar icons, fonts, labels and so on we also gave built-in GCam in this custom ROM. The great thing about this ROM is its support for devices. From a wide range of Xiaomi, Oppo, Asus devices to even the high-end Sony devices, Pixel Experience ROM is available for almost any device out there. So if you have a device with very few Custom ROM support, then just pick the Pixel Experience ROM as it will undoubtedly provide the most stable experience. Next year, we will likely get Pixel Experience based on Android 11. You can visit here to check whether your device is eligible for Pixel Experience custom ROM.

Pixel Experience Custom ROM

4. Resurrection Remix:

Just as the name suggests, this Custom ROM is genuinely a Remix of many Custom ROMs. This project currently is not in any development mode, but luckily some independent developers are carrying the work on. So you don’t need to worry about updates in the future. Unofficially too you will keep getting the updates. As a result of this though, the ROM might be a bit unstable in some devices in some instances but the features on offer make up for it. Mostly other Custom ROMs pick out certain features and add them to their ROM. But Resurrection ROM just combines all that ROMs like AOSP, LineageOS, Pixel Experience, and Paranoid Android has to offer and then adds a few of their own. This makes it the most feature-rich custom ROM in this list and definitely one to take up most of the device’s resources. We may also see Android 11 based Resurrection Remix custom ROM in future. You can keep visiting their official website to get the latest updates.


5. Havoc OS:

Havoc OS also is a pure Android like custom ROM like the other ones you see on this list. But the best thing about Havoc OS is how far it extends out and add as many features as you can imagine. It is quite like the Ressurection Remix ROM, but with even more options for customization. In Havoc OS one can even play around the settings for the status bar, light notifications, gestures and just customize the device in every way possible and make it a device that caters to your every need. Havoc OS has regular updates and is considered one of the most stable custom ROM. If you are looking for a feature-rich stable Custom ROM, then Havoc OS should be your definite pick. You can join Havoc OS telegram channel to get the latest updates regarding upcoming Android 11 custom ROM.

havoc os

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