Download Android 12 GApps: OpenGApps, NikGApps, BitGApps (Direct Link)

Google unveiled Android 12 as an upgrade to Android 11 during its I/O event. Many improvements have been made by Google in Android 12, such as the Material You, fluid and seamless UI, and a new user interface. However, it has been speculated that Material You in Android 12 would be limited to Pixel or smartphones running Stock Android. Anyway, getting back to the point, we’ll go over how to download and install Android 12 GApps in this post.

What is Android 12 GApps?

There are numerous custom ROMs available on the internet, and not necessarily all of them come with Gapps inbuilt. GApps is a zip file containing all the Google applications responsible for the day-to-day usage and operations of the device. If you plan to install a vanilla build of any custom ROM, you must flash the GApps separately to make the device run and work seamlessly. Many devices have the port ROM of the Android 12 developer preview, and some don’t come with GApps. So, we’ll look at how you can download and install GApps (or Google Apps) on any vanilla build of Custom ROMs.

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Download Android 12 GApps

You can download the Android 12 GApps from any sources mentioned below. Just go through the on-screen instructions of the website, and you can successfully download the GApps (or Google Apps) for Android 12 Custom ROM. Here are the direct download links:

How to Install GApps Package

As soon as you have completed downloading the GApps zip file, you will have to flash or install the Android 12 GApps on your smartphone. To install GApps, there are two methods: [1] Using GApps apk and [2] Using TWRP recovery.

1. Using GApps apk

The easiest and fastest method to install GApps on your smartphone is the GApps installer apk. To use it, you must first download and install the GApps apk. Like the Gapps zip, you can also get GApps APK installers online.

2. Using TWRP recovery

If the first method hasn’t worked, you can try this method. But do note that this method is a bit complicated, and if you do something wrong, it can cause hardware-level damage to your device. First, boot your device into recovery mode; as soon as your device boots up on recovery mode, click the Install or Install ZIP button. Now select the GApps zip file and flash it. Whenever it has been completed, flash the Gapps zip and clear the cache and Dalvik cache of your device. Now, you can reboot the device. It might take some time to boot, so don’t worry.

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