Android Auto 9.4 Coolwalk support

Android Auto 9.4 Stable Update is Now Available for Download

Public rollouts of Android Auto builds always happen in stages. This helps Google keep bugs at bay and ensures developers have enough time to test the latest updates thoroughly.

Bug reports from the testing phase minimize the stability problems during a public rollout. On 10th April 2023, Google officially began rolling out the public Android Auto 9.3 to all users via the Google Play Store. The version left the Beta phase, and anyone can download it.

Update 23/04/2023: Google has started rolling out the stable version of Android Auto 9.4 for all users via the Google Play Store in phases. The latest build is mainly focused on enhancing performance and resolving known bugs. The update may take a few days to become available on your device.

Android Auto 9.3 was not just a stability update. With these updates, Google usually does not provide a changelog. However, on Android Auto 9.4, some supports say that Google removed the headline feature of Android Auto 9.3.

It’s the same with Android Auto 9.3 and the latest 9.4 Beta. Android Auto 9.3 gave users more granular control over the default startup app. Earlier, you couldn’t use anything other than Google Maps at startup. For example, you can pick a music streaming app like Spotify to load at startup instead of Google Maps.

Developers could spot a similar feature nearly two years ago, but there were some technical delays, and we’re seeing it now. The new Android Auto 9.4 Beta aligns with Google’s new policies of new Android Auto versions every seven or ten days.

You should see the Android Auto 9.4 Beta update if you’re in the beta testing program. Since there’s no changelog for this update again, the update probably has bug fixes and stability improvements that Google didn’t officially reveal.

Initially, Google was supposed to bring weather information back to Android Auto. From the limited information, the weather card does show up even on Android Auto 9.4. Weather info is one of the top requests for Android Auto.

You could see weather info at the status bar at the top of the screen earlier. After Coolwalk UI, it moved to a dedicated card and was viewable with the split screen feature. However, you can only see this with the portrait orientation.

You can’t see the new weather card with the landscape orientation. The new UI/ UX design prevents Google from showing weather data for such screen sizes. We know Google is working on bringing it back for everyone. But there is no information on when. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen with the new Android Auto 9.4.

This is a reminder that installing Android Auto 9.4 does not guarantee you’ll get Coolwalk on your devices.

Google controls Coolwalk rollout with a server-side switch, which means it’s not tied to a specific version of Android Auto. Unfortunately, it’s the same with the Material You theme and the Screen Cast feature. Neither of these is out yet.

There’s no exact ETA for the rollout of Coolwalk UI, but we can expect that Google wants everyone to get it before the end of 2023. However, the rollout of Coolwalk UI has been making significant progress in recent weeks.

The availability of Coolwalk UI got a lot better with recent updates, and many people have already got it. If there aren’t any major bugs, we’ll see the public rollout of Android Auto 9.4 around the end of April.

If you don’t want to wait for the public rollout or are not part of the beta program, you can download an APK from a trusted website.

We don’t endorse the use of beta software if you’re not a developer or tester. This software is much more prone to bugs and is probably difficult to use as your default daily app.

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