Android Auto 9.3 Beta

Android Auto 9.3 Stable Update is Now Available for Download

The Android Auto 9.3 Beta is already out for developers. Not long ago, on 29th March, the stable build of Android Auto 9.2 began rolling out to the public. Not everyone got it simultaneously since the rollout is in phases.

This helps minimize the number of bugs at launch for a better experience. There’s no specific requirement to be part of the Beta to get the Android Auto 9.2 update anymore.

Update April 10: Google has made version 9.3 available to all users. The latest version is now available on Google Play. It should be noted the update is being rolled out in stages to ensure a smooth and reliable update process. While some users might have already gotten the update, it could take a few weeks for it to reach all users.

If you didn’t get the update, you might have to wait a few days. The 9.2 update wasn’t anything major; there were some refinements to the Do Not Disturb mode, and the dark mode will work independently of your smartphone.

As usual, there was no official changelog for the update, but there were some mentions of vague bug fixes.

Now, with the new Android Auto 9.3 Beta, there’s one significant change that has been spotted as of now. Earlier, Android Auto directly opened Google Maps or any other default navigation app upon startup.

On the Android Auto 9.3 Beta, users get more control over what they see on startup. It won’t default to a normal navigation app anymore. On Android Auto startup, you can now choose which app you want to see upon connection with your car.

starting app
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While Google Maps used to open up before, you can now choose an app like Spotify. If you change the settings, Spotify will open up after connecting your phone to your vehicle. You can choose to open any other Music app, too.

This feature was supposed to launch nearly two years ago. However, Google didn’t launch it then, probably due to stability concerns. The feature made its return now with the Android Auto 9.3 Beta.

If you’re a Beta tester for Android Auto, this is your opportunity to try out the latest features before a public rollout. However, you can only get the Android Auto 9.3 Beta if you’re part of the official beta program.

We don’t recommend relying on Beta too seriously since it hasn’t yet undergone all the necessary optimization and refinement. It’s prone to bugs and glitches, so updating to the 9.3 Beta is at your risk.

Google takes feedback from testers to improve the stability of the update before the public launch, which is mostly a few weeks from now. There’s no official confirmed date for the launch, but we can assume it’ll take at least two weeks to test the new build properly.

If you want to download the Android Auto 9.3 update right now and you’re not part of the Beta program, there’s the option to install it from a reliable third-party source like Softpedia that hosts the APK.

The listed firmware has a build number of 9.3.1313. There are some mentions of vague bug fixes and stability improvements.

Also, it’s worth noting that this update does not enable Coolwalk or the Cast feature. Google controls the rollout of these two features on the server side. That means Google didn’t specifically attach it to a particular firmware.

So if you update to the Android Auto 9.3 Beta, you won’t get Coolwalk UI unless Google enables it on the server side.

The Coolwalk rollout began in January 2023. Google doesn’t want any experience-breaking bugs at launch. So, the rollout is taking place at a plodding pace.

There’s no ETA for when it’ll end, but we can assume that most of us will receive the Coolwalk UI before Q3 or Q4 2023.

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