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Android Auto, developed by Google, displays or mirrors the information of your device available on the connected car display. Once the device is paired, you can access important information on the wheels. Communicating with your close friends, listening to music, and navigating through Google Maps and Waze all become more straightforward with the Android Auto integration in the car. With the help of Android Auto, you need not force yourself to use your smartphone frequently to follow basic tasks like calling, listening, navigating, etc.

The May 2022 update to Android Auto brought a new User Interface with a changed look and feel and a new revamped design. Google, with every update, tried to add new features and customization options to Android Auto for the ease of the consumers. But the updates are not only meant to bring new features and changes; they also corrupt the software and insert bugs and issues in the app. Android Auto, since its launch, has faced many problems, from connectivity issues to freezing problems.

In this article, we will discuss the bugs and problems associated with Android Auto with solutions, if possible. We will regularly update the article based on recently developed issues or bugs. So, if you want to stay updated regarding the news of Android Auto, you are at the right place. So, without waiting any further, let’s get started!

Android Auto Problems and Bugs

March 17, 2023: Unable to Connect

Some Samsung Galaxy S23 users are facing an issue where they cannot connect to Android Auto. Likewise, some Xiaomi smartphone users face an issue wherein Android Auto is not working after updating to MIUI 14 based on Android 13.

s23 android auto issue

March 15, 2023: Constantly reconnecting and disconnecting

According to the reports, Android Auto users are facing an issue where they cannot connect their phones to the car wirelessly. It is constantly reconnecting and disconnecting on its own. Fortunately, Google has released an update for March 2023, hopefully resolving the issue.

March 7, 2023: Hyundai Ioniq 5 disconnection issue

Hyundai Ioniq 5 users have reported disconnection issues with Android Auto even after replacing the USB port. The phone keeps disconnecting at a particular period. Some have tried solving the case on a hardware basis as they understood the problem with the complete USB assembly. They try to change part number 96120-GI000.

March 3, 2023: Unable to Connect via a USB cable

OnePlus 11 series devices cannot connect with Android Auto via a USB cable. A community specialist has confirmed that the issue has been directed to the higher authorities for further development. You can now try changing the USB configuration to ‘File transfer/ Android Auto.’ You will find the option in Settings > Developer Options > USB debugging and enable it.

February 24, 2023: Unable to read messages

Android Auto is not able to read messages. One can try changing the Text-to-speech engine to Google’s Text-to-speech and disable the ‘Use WiFi only’ option. As per Google’s Community Specialist, the Google Assistant team has made a fix for the issues available.

February 23, 2023: Not Showing weather and temperature

The latest Coolwalk UI update does not show the weather and temperature on the main screen of Android Auto. Alternatively, the full-screen mode is also missing for some users, resulting in issues while interacting with music apps, etc. The update can tackle the problem of the head unit manufacturer.

January 26, 2023: GPS signal lost

Several users face the ‘GPS signal lost‘ issue in Google Maps on Android Auto. According to them, Google Maps unexpectedly loses its GPS and then shows ‘looking for a GPS signal.’ You can try turning Off ‘Optimized battery usage’ in Settings.

Update: The company has fixed the abovementioned issue (January 26, 2023) as per Google Community Manager in Google Maps version 11.66.

auto gps issue

January 18, 2023: Waze app keeps freezing

Many users have complained that the Waze navigation application keeps freezing and stopping on Android Auto. It usually starts, displays the current location, navigates for some time, and then freezes the navigation location. To overcome the issue, one should turn off the location settings for Android Auto.

Waze freezing

January 16, 2023: Coolwalk UI Available for Selcect Users Only

The new Coolwalk UI announced in May 2022  for Android Auto changes the look and feel of the setup and looks more eye-pleasing. However, some users say they haven’t received the new UI yet. Unfortunately, Google has not stated any official words on the matter. You can try to reset the Google Play Services, after which they will get a new user ID, which will help them to upgrade to the new Coolwalk UI. It is important to note that resetting the Google Play Services can also erase your associated credit card information in the Google Wallet application.

coolwalk 2

January 06, 2023: S22 Ultra and Pixel 7 Users Unable to Connect

Galaxy S22 Ultra and Pixel 7 users cannot connect to Android Auto on their smartphones. The company is known about it and is working on a solution.

During CES 2023, the Search Engine Tech Giant announced several new features for Android Auto. They are listed below:

  • The new user interface for Android Auto will soon be available for users.
  • One can make WhatsApp calls with the latest Samsung and Pixel series of devices announced.
  • Waze will be available for several cars with ‘Google built-in.’
  • Samsung and Xiaomi smartphones will soon be able to have Digital Car Key support for their devices.
  • YouTube will soon be available on Android Auto with Google built-in.
  • Google’s HD Map has arrived for the Volvo EX90 and Polester 3.

December 30, 2022: Google Assistant Not Working

Android 13 update partially breaks the Google Assistant on Android Auto. The issue was not there earlier and arrived when the smartphones got updated to Android 13.

December 21, 2022: Hey, Google not responding

‘Hey, Google’ or ‘Okay, Google’ doesn’t respond to users in Android Auto. The issue is widespread and has been confirmed by many affected users. Fortunately, Google’s Community Specialist acknowledged the problem and is working on further development.

December 20, 2022: Waze speed camera alerts not working

The issue associated with the Waze speed camera is also live, where the notifications and alerts stay on the screen instead of going away. According to some users, the issue has been fixed in beta versions. If not, you can swipe the notification or alert to do away with it.


The bugs and problem tracker series for Android Auto will continue with the latest bugs, issues, and problems faced by consumers or the faults of the head unit manufacturers. So, if you are using Android Auto, make sure to be connected with the post to stay updated on what’s happening around you. Thank you for reading.

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