Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra May Feature Upto 16GB RAM: Report

There are always steady concerns about Samsung’s top-performing smartphones regarding RAM performance and management. The Tech Giant has steadily kept the constant RAM options for the past two generations, irrespective of the storage upgrades. However, the recent stories indicate something we are seamlessly waiting for—A RAM expansion in the Galaxy group.

It is important to note that the RAM expansion here doesn’t mean the virtual RAM or the trend initiated by the Chinese OEMs. It is likely the upcoming physical RAM expansion the Korean firm wants to bring with their Galaxy S25 series. We are familiar with the launch date that happens at the start of the year with every generation, and it’s time for that series, so it’s better to take every ongoing rumor with a pinch of salt.

There are conflicts in the tech community about the Galaxy S25 Ultra being physically constructed, similar to its predecessor. Still, the internal specifications can share something different and wished for. The company will redo higher RAM configurations per a renowned tipster (Sawyer Galox). Yes, the word “redo” here implies that Samsung had their previous flagships offering higher RAM.

Galaxy S25 Ultra to Offer 16GB RAM

Recall the Galaxy S20 and S21 Ultra smartphones; the 16GB RAM options are included in the hardware. However, the internal storage configurations for the offerings remain the same. Like the Galaxy S24 Ultra, the successor will also feature base storage, starting from 256GB to 1TB options.

There can be several reasons for the company shifting to higher RAM, some of them are as follows:

1. AI Trend

The rising demand for in-built smartphone AI is resource-hungry and requires more RAM to handle such specific tasks. Since the AI intervention in the latest S24 series (the Galaxy AI), we expect it to go even further with the forthcoming S25 series. Therefore, the RAM increment is a must.

2. Competitors

The competitions, especially Chinese OEMs, already have the best RAM and storage options, which the company lacks. Incorporating RAM will help them capture relatively better market share in such regions.

3. Increasing smartphone resources with every new upgrade

Current smartphones’ growing specifications and features require better RAM management, which is impossible with 12GB of basic RAM. It is important to note that the 12GB RAM for a smartphone charging over $1000 is not a valid choice for the consumers, provided that the competition is giving better options. In addition, the 2025 and company standards don’t justify the top-end flagship performer.

4. Inclusion of additional AI features 

In addition, the upcoming S25 series may include Gemini Nano 2.0, which will further improve the Galaxy AI features. To those unaware, Gemini Nano is a language model Google DeepMind designed in December 2023 to compete with OpenAI. There are other variants as well: Gemini Pro and Gemini Ultra.

The X post suggests the series’s three possible RAM and storage configurations: 12GB + 256GB, 16GB + 512GB, and 16GB + 1TB. This leak is from Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra’s Prototype No. 3 and is nearly confirmed. The base variant (12/256) remains the same, and the other two variants (512GB and 1TB) are expected to come with 4GB increments, making it 16 GB.

The South Korean firm sells the S24 Ultra with a 12GB and a 1TB option, with other variants remaining with the same RAM. Finally, the company is ditching the 12GB on their higher models and making it available. However, the brand doesn’t officially say anything about their decrease from 16GB to 12GB from the S22 Ultra onwards because the S20 and S21 Ultra had it previously, as said above.

The storage options will likely remain the same as before: 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB. As per our analysis, the top variant with 16GB RAM and 1TB storage is abundant for average consumers. Some users require more storage but will likely be in the minority. Unfortunately, there are no external storage expansion slots available. A history review shows the same can be possible in the upcoming generation.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think the 12GB was sufficient, or 16GB a must, given that the company charges more than $1000 for a smartphone? Let us know your opinion in the comments section below. Let us know any feedback if you find any misplaced/ wrong information available in the post.

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