Google’s First Update to the Pixel 8a Offers AI Generated Wallpapers Feature

Recently, Google launched a new addition to their Pixel smartphone A series: Pixel 8a. The series intends to provide the features available in the number series at an affordable cost, thereby bridging the respective price gap similar to what the competition offers.

However, the recent launch was not as exciting as it should be in the tech community because of the inherent problem associated with the Tensor G3 chipset.

Because of its horrid front look (that doesn’t deserve to be on the smartphone lists as per 2024 standards), many debates and controversies are going on. More importantly, the pricing is not justified to what the competition offers, irrespective of the software update policy. Carrying forward the legacy, the company has released the Pixel 8a’s first software update.

The main highlight of the update is the AI-generated wallpaper. We have seen the rising trend of Artificial Intelligence in smartphones for a while. The craze is increasing daily, and Google is also participating in the race, which is suitable for everyone.

They also announced their “Google AI,” similar to what the smartphone manufacturing competition is doing. The recent update also has the same AI-powered wallpapers.

Talking about the AI-generated wallpapers, this was exclusive to their original Pixel 8 series. However, similar to the seventh generation of OS upgrades, the company has made the feature available in its midrange offering. In addition, they have also incorporated a similar feature in the recent Galaxy S24 series.

With feature help, you can create wallpapers using Generative AI, previously proved by the Pixel 8 series. It analyzes the user’s incoming prompt (specified themes and special keystrokes) and provides efficient output.

The update size is approximately 190MB and comes with the latest May 2024 security patch. Furthermore, there are minor improvements in critical bugs, performance, and stability.

latest May 2024

By adding some Pixel 8 series features, the company is slowly and steadily neutralizing the gap between the midrange and premium offerings. Notably, the A-series now supports seven generations of updates, starting from Pixel 8a. Let’s see how the company controls the pricing gap in the upcoming generations.

Talking about the price, the Pixel 8a for the base variant starts at $499. And for that, there are so many better options available. The infamous Tensor G3, with its mediocre performance, doesn’t justify the price it asks for, given the aggressive competition. Rest assured, the software support for the device is interesting.

What are your thoughts on this? Were you impatiently waiting for the wallpapers generated via AI? Do you think the Pixel 8a justifies the price, or what should the ideal price be? Let us know in the comments section below. We will update the post based on any new available information.

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