Apple to Use Higher Energy Density Battery in the iPhone 16 Pro Max

The Cupertino-based Tech Giant will soon unveil their iPhone 16 series. The models are going to come with some iterative improvements over the predecessors. According to the sources, the iPhone 16 Pro Max size will be bumped up from the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Previously, the rumor hinted at the size difference between the upcoming and previous models. The iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max will feature 6.3 Inches and 6.9 inches, respectively, from 6.1 and 6.7 inches present in the prior generations. Now, a new leak indicates battery parameter changes in combination with the screen size.

The changes in the battery parameters further improve the battery life of a smartphone. A typical Lithium-ion or Lithium Polymer battery has various parameters such as Specific Energy, Battery Capacity, State of Charge, Depth of Discharge, and C rate. Tweaking all the above parameters efficiently, considering the environmental impact on the battery, can give the battery good health.

As per famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the upcoming top-of-the-line iPhone will likely feature a high-energy-density battery. The source says that the iPhone 16 Pro Max will comparatively offer better battery life, irrespective of the same aspect ratio. However, the higher energy density battery will likely release more heat, resulting in extreme heat losses, especially in summer.

increased energy density
Image Credit: Ming-Chi Kuo

Hence, the company will likely use a stainless-steel material covering the entire battery to control heat dissipation. Previous rumors indicate that the company will introduce a better cooling system in the iPhone 16 series, and the leaked brushed metal cover-up supports it.

In addition, the source claims that stainless steel covering will help Apple to reiterate battery replacements in case of aging, etc. Battery replacements were a concept back then, and it’s a history. However, by inaugurating the brushed metal to control battery temperature, there is a possibility of replacing the batteries.

Moreover, the business partner, in this regard, will likely be Sunway, as per Ming-Chi Kuo. However, only the iPhone 16 Pro Max has been experimented with at this time. If the company receives a good response, concerning time, they will likely introduce the battery and casing overhaul process across their iPhone 17 series.

Notably, the company’s one-way effort will not help. We know how our smartphones react when placed in direct sunlight, especially in summer. This is all due to the environmental temperature significantly affecting the battery life and increasing heating.

The charging infrastructure is also evolving; somewhere, it heats a smartphone. Nonetheless, the brands focus on battery safety if charging speeds increase.

Understanding how to control the heat and effectively perform thermal management is essential since batteries are a sensitive part of a smartphone. On that note, let’s see how the company’s idea looks for thermal management. If it succeeds, it’s better since we have a combination of a good battery and controlled heat, which is good to go.

What are your views on this? Do you think adding stainless-steel casing on either side of the battery will help control the temperature? Also, will the high energy density battery affect the battery life of a smartphone? Let us know in the comments section below.

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