Android Auto 10.4 Beta is live

Android Auto 10.4 Beta Version is Now Available

Android Auto is one of the best driving companion apps for your phone. It mirrors major features of Android onto your car, and it helps in navigation. Navigation with your small phone screen is hard, and Android Auto fixes that. It has Google Assistant, so you can use it hands-free. It can also play music and answer your questions.

Google releases Beta versions of Android Auto regularly to improve stability and reliability. If you are in the Beta program of Android Auto, you will start receiving the Android Auto 10.4 Beta update. This version is only for developers and is not intended for normal Android Auto users. Beta versions are buggy and impractical for casual users.

The Android Auto 10.3 update launched in the last week of August and the Beta was launched two weeks before that. Google rolls out the stable versions in phases, but you should get the Android Auto 10.3 version by now. There were many bugs on both Android Auto 10.2 and 10.3.

The navigation app does not exit even after the user leaves the car. It remains open, and Google Maps continues sending you live notifications. You have to completely exit navigation or revoke permissions of Android Auto to fix this, and there’s no official confirmation of the bug or a reported fix yet.

Google is apparently adding the landscape weather widget to its new interface, Coolwalk UI. However, it’s not present on the Android Auto 10.4 Beta. We don’t know when they’ll add it, and there is no information on whether Google added the option to choose your default startup application.

There were many bugs in previous Android Auto versions. The touch on Coolwalk UI froze up, and you could not navigate through. We aren’t sure if this version finally addresses that. If you still have touch response issues, the only workaround is to uninstall the app and download the APK of an older version.

With the Android Auto 10.4 Beta, there’s no proper changelog. Google mentions vague bug fixes and improvements to Do Not Disturb. This is the same generic changelog since the last few versions.

The number for this Beta is 10.4.1335, and there are currently two valid signatures on APK Mirror. If you aren’t in the beta program, the only way to get the Android Auto 10.4 Beta is to sideload an APK. You have to enable app installation from unknown or third-party sources.

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