Android Auto 10.2 Beta is Now Out for Download

Google is drastically speeding up the release of new Android Auto versions recently. Earlier, Betas were around for two weeks before going public. Now, the Beta phases barely last a week. The number of versions is also much higher than before with the Android Auto 9 app updates. This acceleration of beta rollout speeds began with Android Auto 9.7.

This trajectory was weird, considering Google optimizes and refines the builds appropriately before launching them. The versions no longer stay in beta for two weeks or ten days; they go public in around a week now. Google appears to be pushing out more versions to address the critical bugs.

Last month, we saw the Android Auto 10.1 Beta come out. There were no new features or design changes, and the update was for stability. It was just thirty-seven megabytes, so it was a relatively minor update. We assume tiny refinements like this will eventually create a more stable app experience.

While Android Auto 10.1 didn’t contain a changelog, there were many bug reports from users with the previous 10.0 version. The navigation app is supposed to quit once the user leaves the car. However, the navigation app remains open after the user exits the vehicle.

Google Maps continues to run, which gets particularly annoying for your notifications. The live/ continuous push notifications from Google Maps keep arriving on your phone, making the experience incredibly irritating. You can’t fix this bug Until the user exits navigation or entirely revokes notification permissions.

While automatically opening Google Maps after connecting to Android Auto is useful, these bugs make it annoying. On the bright side, Android Auto 10 wasn’t just a minor stability improvement. You could now simultaneously use Google Maps on your car’s dashboard and phone.

Coolwalk UI is now much better, and it comes with even better app support. There were some split-screen tweaks and support for WhatsApp calls with compatible devices. After the host of new features with Android Auto 10, we now have the Beta version of Android Auto 10.2.

If you’re in the official Beta program, you should find it available for download right now. In typical Google fashion, the changelog mentions nothing. According to the current reports, we don’t know if common bugs like random freeze-ups, taskbar glitches, interaction issues, and more were addressed. These bugs have been prevalent since the widespread rollout of Coolwalk UI, which happened in stages in an attempt to prevent issues of this sort.

The weather card doesn’t appear in landscape mode with Coolwalk UI. While Google promised a fix, we haven’t seen it yet. It only works in portrait orientation; this update doesn’t change that. Some people report very slightly faster performance of the app. Switching from the Coolwalk screen to the fullscreen mode with apps like Waze is apparently faster now. However, the user also acknowledges that it could be a placebo.

The stable version of Android Auto 10.2 should begin reaching mainstream devices around the end of August or the third week of August. If you want to try the beta, you can grab an APK from a reliable site like SoftPedia. We don’t recommend or endorse beta versions unless you’re a tester or developer. There’s no point for others since it doesn’t bring any new features, and there aren’t any confirmations of specific bug fixes.

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