Android Auto 9.7 Skips Beta, Stable Version Now Available

Android Auto versions typically get a beta launch for a few weeks before going public. Developers test the beta versions and report the bugs fixed in the public releases. This helps Google maintain a consistent and reliable experience when the builds go public.

Android Auto follows a steady and predictable pattern. You will get a new beta weekly if you’re a developer or tester. It stays in beta for about ten days or two weeks before going public, and the widespread rollout happens in stages. However, the new Android Auto 9.7 deviates from this path.

In classic Google fashion, Android Auto 9.7 comes with absolutely no mentioned changes in the update changelog. This was the same case with Android Auto 9.6. That version only had some vague bug fixes and stability improvements. Google didn’t disclose which bugs got patched.

Some people had severe connectivity issues, touch response issues, and more bugs with Android Auto 9.5 and 9.6. We’re unsure if this update fixes those problems since there’s no such mention in the official changelog.

If you don’t see the update on Play Store yet, it’ll take about a week or two before a full public rollout. Staged rollouts help with the stability of the update.

If you don’t want to wait, you can grab an APK from a reliable website. However, since this version has no changes, we don’t think it’s worth upgrading using the APK method. If Android Auto 9.6 works fine on your device, there’s no point in updating since this update could bring more bugs.

If there’s a major change with Android Auto, only then does Google announce the major feature with a whole blog post and an official changelog. This didn’t get anything of the sort. But since it was rolled out with no prior beta, we can assume Google patched up an experience-breaking bug.

Google might have fixed many other bugs on previous Android Auto versions with Android Auto 9.7. There are several reports of Android Auto completely freezing, and it just refuses to work. There’s no official acknowledgment of this problem from Google yet.

The screen’s lower part sometimes freezes completely, making any app interaction impossible. People on such a version don’t have the option to downgrade to any of the newer versions.

There’s a chance that Google might be rethinking its usual strategies for beta software. Pixel users eagerly await a June update with the June security patch and the feature drop. However, Google has not released that yet. But since we got a new Android Auto version without a beta, there’s a chance that Google has more in store.

Along with the June update, we might also see something new for Android Auto. Unfortunately, many of these bugs on Android Auto are happening only with Coolwalk, despite Coolwalk undergoing several months of intense testing.

This is an obligatory reminder that if you still didn’t get Coolwalk, this version won’t guarantee it. Google doesn’t tie it to specific versions, and you’ll get it eventually- since Google controls it with a server-side switch. Coolwalk rollout has gained tremendous pace, and many users are already on it.

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