watchOS 10: Everything We Know So Far

watchOS 10 is Apple’s upcoming next-generation operating system likely to be used by their watches. Recently, the company released the Apple Watch Series 8 with the all-new Apple Watch Ultra loaded with features. The watchOS 10 is expected to fill up more features for the Ultra users, depending on the region and availability.

watchOS 10 will be an extensive upgrade irrespective of how good the previous generation (watchOS 9) was. In this article, we will talk about watchOS 10, its expected features and release date, and how you will be able to experience it. If you want to know about the watchOS 10, read the post until the end. So, without waiting any further, let’s get started.

watchOS 10 or watchOS X: What will the upcoming operating system for the Apple watch be called?

Compared to the Mac operating system, the naming conventions with the watchOS are much simpler and more accessible.

The upcoming Apple Watch Operating System will likely be called watchOS 10, provided the company follows the trend they have continued for years.

However, there are no words for Apple’s tenth update to the watch operating system to be called watchOS X. There are leaks about an Apple Watch Series X, which is supposed to be launched next year.

watchOS 10 Expected Features

If we recall Apple’s watchOS 9 released last year, the company added several new features like better functionality in the display, features like customize your workouts, dynamic pacing, running analytics, kickboard, more sleep functionalities, etc. It also brought changes in the watch faces. Overall, the watchOS 9 release was quite a significant update.

watchOS 9 brought several new features
watchOS 9 brought several new features

That said, we most likely assume the upcoming watchOS 10 will not come with new features. However, this time, this is probably not going to be true. According to the journalist (Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman), the watchOS 10 will be a “fairly extensive upgrade with notable changes to the user interface.” On the contrary, Gurman reported that the iOS 17 would arrive with fewer changes as the company focuses on the Mixed-Reality headset and the upcoming xrOS software.

We are currently unsure what precisely the watchOS intends to bring, as it is challenging to understand which software improvements the company will bring.

As discussed earlier, watchOS 10 will likely be an extensive upgrade like the previous watchOS 9; the company is planning for compensation by providing no hardware updates for the rest of the year. This is because the Apple Watch Ultra is already performing well for the company.

We have enlisted some of the expected features from watchOS 10. Have a look at it for yourself: 

  1. App for Native Notes: watchOS 10 is expected to bring a note application to the supported Apple Watches. It will likely sync with your iPhone via iCloud only when the Notes app is pre-installed.
  2. Health Dashboard: The feature will display all your activities like running, walking, sleeping, and menstrual cycle data with a dashboard style. You can view everything in a step with your Apple Watch.
  3. Recovering Features: The upcoming version of watchOS is expected to bring recovering features, allowing you to take a day off, to give your body time to rest and recover, etc., helping you in every possible way.
  4. New Watch Faces: The supported Apple Watches for watchOS 10 are expected to receive new watch faces, including the famous Minnie Mouse watch face and more.

Note – The above features list is expected, and the official update may vary based on the company’s plan.

watchOS 10 Expected Release Date:

  • The watchOS 10 will likely be unveiled on June 5, 2023, at the WWDC (Worldwide Developer Conference) 2023.

If everything goes as planned, the company will unveil the watchOS 10 at the WWDC 2023 event. The event is scheduled to be conducted on June 5. Following the release at the event, the watchOS 10 will be made available for developers to trial. The public beta updates will be followed later as per Apple’s trend.

The first public beta is expected around July, and the final release for the watchOS 10 is expected in September, around the launch of the upcoming iPhone 15 series.

watchOS 10 Compatible Apple Watch Models (Expected):

Here is the list of the Apple watches that received watchOS 9, so all the following watches may also receive watchOS 10 updates. Fortunately, the Apple Watch Series 4 will probably receive one more year of OS upgrade.

  • Apple Watch Series 4 (2018).
  • Apple Watch Series 5 (2019).
  • Apple Watch Series 6 (2020).
  • Apple Watch Series 7 (2021).
  • Apple Watch Series 8 (2022).
  • Apple Watch SE [First Generation (2020)].
  • Apple Watch SE (2022).
  • Apple Watch Ultra (2022).

How to update to watchOS 10?

  • Go to the Settings.
  • Tap General.
  • Tap Software Update.
  • Tap install. (If the version is available).

Note: Please read carefully and make sure you are downloading and installing the latest watchOS 10.

This was all about the company’s upcoming watchOS 10 for Apple watches. We enlisted every possible feature, release date, and supported device. If you have any queries, please ask in the comments section below.

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