Honor 80 will be the first phone to use Snapdragon 782G processor

The Honor 70 was an upsetting mid-range smartphone launched in 2022 with uncompelling specifications for the price. It has a 120Hz OLED screen, the Snapdragon 778G+ chipset, a 54MP primary and 50MP ultra-wide camera, an under-display fingerprint scanner, and 66W Fast Charging with a 4800mAh battery. This was priced at 599$ but then outcompeted by several better offerings like the Pixel 7, and discounts brought prices of better phones down.

The Honor 70 Pro had a nearly identical camera setup to the Honor 70, but it added an 8MP 3X zoom lens. It also swapped the midrange 778G+ for the Mediatek Dimensity 8000 SOC, which was much more capable.

The last phone in the 70 lineups was the Honor 70 Pro+, which featured the 4nm Dimensity 9000 SOC. That’s pretty much the only change it had from the Honor 70. It’s admittedly not a great portfolio, and Honor’s phones have been underwhelming since the company decided to cut ties with its parent brand, Huawei.

Now, we’re seeing leaks of the Honor 80 series. There’ll finally be a new Snapdragon SOC for midrange phones. A drastic performance boost to the higher-end models is expected, too.

The Honor 80 is to house the 782G Chipset, an upgraded Snapdragon 778G, according to the Official Poster. There are no reliable sources of other information currently, but we can expect it to ship with a 120Hz OLED display and dual cameras with fast charging. Also, a slightly more affordable Honor 80SE with the Dimensity 1080 is expected to be announced.

honor 80 poster

honor 80 782g

The Snapdragon 782G is expected to bring power efficiency improvements. It might deliver a performance boost while consuming lower power. We can also expect minor clock speed bumps to the CPU and GPU and an improved ISP. The Snapdragon 782G and 8 Gen 2 will be announced at the Snapdragon summit between the 15th and 17th of November.

The Honor 80 Pro is supposed to ship with the tried and tested Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 SOC, which is currently one of the best chipsets on the phone. Honor has already released the design of these phones. We know they’ve copied Apple’s design language and opted for a pill-shaped cutout on the front. Whether or not it will mimic Apple’s dynamic island software features remains to be seen. Furthermore, the double barrel infinity symbol style rear camera design is here to stay.

There are reports that the flagship Honor 80 Pro model might sport a 200MP primary sensor, and the Honor 80 will supposedly have a 64MP primary shooter. Sensor size difference versus the previous generation remains to be seen.

Other specifications of the Honor 80 lineup are unclear. A 120hz 10-bit OLED Screen is expected for all models. Earlier rumors suggest that the Honor 80 Pro Plus might have a flexible & curved (not folding) 1.5K AMOLED screen. 100W charging and 12GB RAM with 256GB Storage on the base model are expected.

The Honor 80 series has been confirmed to launch on 23rd November 2022 at the “Magic Vs” event. Honour also expects to launch a foldable phone at this event.

There have been no credible leaks about this yet. However, we can speculate that the vanilla Honor 80 might debut at 599$. The 80 Pro might be priced 699$. We still cannot rule out a price hike. The newer SOCs being used on these phones might add to the price.

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