When can we expect iOS 17.4 to be released?

The iOS 17.3 was not so big of an update, while the successor will likely be. iOS 17.4 has already been revealed for beta testing for applicable developers and public beta testers. You must apply through their sites if you also want to test it before its official release. Let’s dive into the details of the upcoming iOS 17.4 iPhone update.

What’s new with iOS 17.4?

iOS 17.4 seems to be a significant update for the European Union (EU). However, the other regions are not left empty-handed; some critical and improved features are available globally. So, without further delay, let’s start with what’s new in iOS 17.4 compared to iOS 17.3.

App Store in the EU: With iOS 17.4, there is support for alternative applications for the first time. Various companies can now create their application for Apple users.

Considering the Digital Markets Act, some changes are coming with iOS 17.4. Some of them include:

  • The in-app purchases include support for alternative payment methods.
  • Apple Pay now has wallet apps and can be set to default NFC.
  • It now has support for browser engines other than WebKit.
  • For the European Union, the company announces support for third-party App Stores only for iPhones, unfortunately, and not for iPad users.
  • It now has a reduced commission structure for applications in Europe.
  • The company now allows game-streaming applications.
  • You can choose a default browser via a pop-up message in Safari.

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iOS 17.4 Features

Stolen Device Protection

With iOS 17.4, the company has improved the Stolen Device Protection mode. The users can now opt for a constant security delay when changing the confidential settings, which was earlier restricted to delays from familiar locations. So, now you always have an option to set a security delay.

enable the Stolen Device


The Apple Podcasts now have support for transcripts. After the update, the company automatically generates them. They are available for a short time after a podcast is published. You can now search in the transcripts; tapping particular words will let you jump on that part of the podcast, etc. The “Now Playing” status bar at the application’s bottom has also been redesigned, which looks similar to that of Apple Music. In summary, the interface of the Apple Podcasts is identical to the Music application now.


The iOS 17.4 beta has added some new emojis as well. Some are Lime, Phoenix Bird, Broken Chain, Head Shaking Horizontally, Head Shaking Vertically, and Broken Mushroom. Some fewer changes to the family emojis have been implemented as well.

new emojis ios 17
Credit: Unicode/ for illustrative purposes only


Apple’s Siri has got some new capabilities with iOS 17.4. It can now add more support for different languages for different tasks. To explore, go to the Settings application on your device, select Siri, and Search, Messaging with Siri. Search for the Read Messages section, and you find an “Add language” option.

Vision Pro

Now, you can disable Double Tap while wearing the Apple Vision Pro. The company has added a new toggle button for the Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 users. This is done to avoid the issue between the watch and the Vision Pro while using them. The changelog is also available with watchOS 10.4 update.

Some of the minor improvements of iOS 17.4 include:

  • In the Safari browser, the address bar size has increased comparatively.
  • The command “Siri” instead of “Hey Siri” is available for more regions, specifically Germany.
  • The company had changed the name of the “Listen Now” tabs to the “Home” tabs in the Apple Music & Podcasts applications.
  • A new “Identifiable Region” section in Settings has been added under the General and About menu.

The improvements are based on the iOS 17.4 Beta 1. If history repeats, the company will launch more beta versions until the official release. Hence, we may expect more features or bug fixes during the period.

iOS 17.4 Release Prediction

  • Apple hasn’t officially announced the release date for iOS 17.4, but experts believe it will likely be released on March 4th or March 6th, 2024.

As per the leaks, the official update is said to happen in the first week of March. Usually, we are not sure about the update release date. However, since the concern about the Digital Markets Act and European Union (complying with a deadline on or before March 6) affects the company, we expect it to be around the first week of the upcoming month.

March 1 seems unlikely as it is a Friday. Usually, we don’t expect Apple to reveal any update on this day, so let’s exclude it. The next possible date can likely be March 4, i.e., Monday, a suitable day for the update releases. So, if you are waiting for the iOS 17.4 stable release, a likely hope is March 4, Monday.

What are your expectations from iOS 17.4? Have you tried the Beta software yet? From the above features, what were you impatiently waiting for? Let us know in the comments section below by dropping your replies. That’s all. Furthermore, we will update the post based on the latest developments or changes. Thank you for reading.

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