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ColorOS 7 Rollout Started for Oppo/Realme Phones

ColorOS 7 Update: Find Android 10 Supported Oppo Phones

The company releases its revised roadmap for the ColorOS 7 rollout

A lot of smartphone companies has their version of the Android OS for their devices. It is especially common among Chinese manufacturers. Oppo’s very own ColorOS is quite common among the Indian masses. Now every year the manufacturers keep on tweaking their software interaction, and the newer version of ColorOS has come with a lot of exciting features. This is a toned-down version of ColorOS that many will appreciate. So let’s take a look at what the ColorOS 7 update has on offer for us.

ColorOS 7 Based on Android 10

After Android 10 launch, ColorOS 7 was under development. So every Oppo and Realme device user was patiently waiting for the new Android features. Android 10 is already pushed out by some manufacturers for their flagship devices. This includes Xiaomi’s MIUI 11, OnePlus’s Oxygen OS 10, Samsung’s OneUI 2.0, Black Shark’s JoyUI 11 and so on. So the ColorOS 7 is a way for Oppo to join the league as it is their take on Android 10. As of now, there are 300 million ColorOS users worldwide, who will very surely appreciate this big change in ColorOS from Oppo.

Oppo Android 10 Update Tracker

August 17: Oppo K1 and R15x devices are now getting stable Android 10 (ColorOS 7) update.

August 11: The Android 10 stable update is now rolling out for Oppo Reno 5G units. It brings Navigation Gesture 3.0, Dark mode, and much more.

July 29: Oppo is pushing out the latest Android update to R15 Pro, and R15 Dream Mirror Edition.

July 24: The company has started rolling out the software update to the Oppo A91 and F15.

July 11: Oppo A3, A9 and A9x smartphone users can grab the latest stable ColorOS 7 update.

July 1: Oppo has released a global update rollout plan for July 2020. According to the plan, Oppo R15 has been set to receive ColorOS 7 update on July 10 while Oppo F15 and Oppo A91 owners will get the same from July 24. The next iteration of ColoOS update will hit on Oppo R15 Pro units from July 28.

June 25: Oppo F7 stable Android 10 update with ColorOS 7 is now rolling out. The software carries build version CPH1819EX_11.F.11 and bundled June 2020 security patch.

June 15: Android 10 (ColorOS 7.1) update for both the Oppo A5 2020 and A9 2020 smartphones are now available with version C.65. This confirmation comes from official ColorOS Twitter handle.

June 11: In China, Oppo A11x and Oppo A11 users are getting stable Android 10 (ColorOS 7) update with version number C.62. To receive the update, both devices should be currently running on official ROM version A.49/ A.51.

June 10: Oppo is rolling out stable Android 10 update to Oppo F9 and Oppo F9 Pro devices. This update comes with build number CPH1823EX_11.F.09 and brings all ColorOS 7 features.

June 1: Oppo releases ColorOS 7 stable update roadmap for India

  • Android 10 with Version F.09 will start rolling out in India from June 10 to the Oppo F9 and F9 Pro device.
  • Owners of the Oppo A5 2020 and A9 2020 will get the Android 10 (ColorOS 7) update with version C.65 from June 15.
  • Oppo F7 and F7 128G users in India will get that Android 10 update with F.10 from June 24.
  • In July 2020, Android 10 OS will be rolled out to the Oppo F15 and F15 Pro device.

May 16: The second batch of Oppo F9 and F9 Pro ColorOS 7 (Android 10) Trial Version Program is now live where 5,000 users in India will receive the update.

May 16: Chinese smartphone manufacturer Oppo has now announced the first batch of ColorOS 7 Trial Program for the Oppo F7 in India. A quota of 2,000 each user is set for the first batch.

May 10: Oppo is seeding ColorOS 7 stable update with version C.07 to Oppo Reno 2F device in India. Other countries will get the update on May 25.

April 25: The Android 10 (ColorOS 7) stable update is now pushing out in China for the Oppo Reno2 Z (PCKM80) users with version number C.12.

April 21: Oppo Reno Z, R17 and R17 Pro device users are getting stable Android 10 with software version C.21 and F.10 and F.05. The update for R17 and R17 Pro is currently rolling out in India, Australia and Saudi Arabia. Oppo Reno Z users in Saudi Arabia, Uae, Russia and Kazakhstan are set for the latest C.21 version.

April 19: Stable Android 10 with ColorOS 7 has been released in batches for OPPO F11, F11 Pro and A9 devices with the version C.20.

April 17: Oppo is pushing out the latest stable Android 10 update to Oppo Reno2 device in India, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand.

April 13: Oppo has pushed out stable Android 10 update (build vF.06) to Oppo Find X, Find X Lamborghini Edition, Find X Super Flash Edition in China.

April 8: Oppo Reno, Reno Ace, Reno Ace Gundam Edition and Reno 10x Zoom Stable ColorOS 7 Android 10 is being rolled out in China with build version C.08, C.22, C.22 and C.20 respectively.

April 7 Android 10 based ColorOS 7 trial version for Oppo F11, F11 Pro and A9 are now available in India, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam. Please note that a total of 25,000 units are allowed to join the trial program. To apply for the program, go to Settings> Software Updates> Trial Version and then fill in the required information.

March 30: ColorOS 7 beta update for the Oppo Reno2 Z early adopters is now rolling out. The early adopter program was started on March 16.

March 16: The third batch for the early adopters of Oppo R17 and Reno goes live in China. Currently, 50,000 slots are available for the Reno and 10,000 slots available for Oppo R17.

March 7: Oppo is now pushing out ColorOS 7 update (for early adopters only) to users of Oppo Reno Ace, Reno 10x Zoom, Reno 2, R17, R17 Pro and Find X

March 6: Alongside Find X2 Series, Oppo unveiled ColorOS 7.1 UI. It is a small update from ColorOS 7.0 to 7.1. The latest UI updates bring a better visual experience with a 120Hz display, a smoother system performance, simple and lightweight design for great user experience, improved work and life efficiency, and more features to secure data and privacy.

February 19: The Oppo has published a revised roadmap for ColorOS 7 update through the company’s official Weibo account. However, as of now, we don’t know whether the Roadmap will be the same for Indian versions of the devices.

Rollout Timeline

The following devices will get the updates according to the new timeline, instead of the earlier plan of releasing the update:

FEBRUARY 22 & 26

  • Oppo K5
  • Oppo Reno Z


  • Reno Ace
  • Reno Ace Gundam
  • Reno 10X Zoom
  • Reno Barcelona
  • Oppo R17
  • R17 New Year
  • R17 Pro
  • R17 Pro New Year
  • R17 Pro King Custom Edition
  • Oppo Reno 2
  • Oppo Find X
  • Find X Lamborghini
  • Find X Flash Charge Edition


  • OPPO Reno
  • Reno Inspiration Edition


  • Oppo Reno 2Z

List of Oppo Phones Getting ColorOS 7 Update

For Global (India)

  1. OPPO Reno
  2. OPPO Reno 10x Zoom
  3. OPPO Reno 2
  4. OPPO F11
  5. OPPO F11 Pro
  6. OPPO F11 Pro Marvel’s Avengers Limited Edition
  7. OPPO Find X
  8. OPPO Find X Lamborghini Edition
  9. OPPO Find X SuperVOOC Edition
  10. OPPO Reno 2F
  11. OPPO Reno Z
  12. OPPO R17
  13. OPPO R17 Pro
  14. OPPO RX17 Pro
  15. OPPO Reno 2Z
  16. OPPO A9
  17. OPPO F7
  18. OPPO F7 128GB
  19. OPPO F9
  20. OPPO F9 Pro
  21. OPPO R15
  22. OPPO R15 Pro
  23. OPPO A5 2020
  24. OPPO A9 2020
  25. OPPO K3

For China

  1. OPPO Reno
  2. OPPO Reno 10x zoom
  3. OPPO Reno Ace
  4. OPPO Reno 2
  5. OPPO Reno 2Z
  6. OPPO Reno Z
  7. OPPO Find X & Find X Lamborghini Edition
  8. OPPO R17
  9. OPPO R17 Pro
  10. OPPO K5
  11. OPPO R15 & R15 Dream Mirror Edition
  12. OPPO A9x
  13. OPPO A9
  14. OPPO A11
  15. OPPO A11x

List of Realme Phones Getting ColorOS 7 Update

  • Update: Realme devices will get Realme UI Version 1.0 which is inspired by ColorOS 7 and based on Android 10 operating system.

For Global (India)

  1. Realme XT
  2. Realme 3 Pro
  3. Realme X
  4. Realme 5 Pro
  5. Realme X2 Pro
  6. Realme 3
  7. Realme 3i
  8. Realme 5
  9. Realme 5s
  10. Realme 2 Pro
  11. Realme C2
Trail Version Rollout Timeline for realme (Global) Phones
Realme’s Customized ColorOS 7 Android 10 Roadmap for Realme (Global) Phones | Credit: Realme Community

For China

  1. Realme X
  2. Realme X Youth Edition
  3. Realme Q (Realme 5 Pro)
  4. Realme X2
  5. Realme X2 Pro

Unconfirmed List

The company has not announced the ColorOS 7 rollout timeline for the following devices:

Realme PhonesOppo Phones
Realme 1
Realme U1
Realme C2 2020
Realme C1
Realme C1 2020
Realme 2
Realme 2 Pro
Oppo Reno A
Oppo Reno 5G
Oppo R15
Oppo R15 Pro
Oppo A7/ A7x/ A7n
Oppo K1
Oppo A5s (AX5s)
Oppo A1/ A1k
Oppo A3s/ A3
Oppo F7 Youth
Oppo A71 2018
Oppo A83 2018

How to Download ColorOS 7 and Install it on Your Phone?

As of now, you can only get trial version via OTA update. So, for smoother and more delightful user experience go to phone Settings > Software Updates > Setting Icon – Trial Version> Download.

Once the trail(beta) period is over, ColorOS 7 stable update will be started rolling out via OTA to all supported Oppo and Realme phones. And you will get a notification regarding the update. If you don’t receive a notification, check for the update manually by heading over to Settings > Software Update.

The download link for the latest software update will also be available online. Keep checking below official links to download ColorOS 7 updates.

To install, ensure that your phone has at least 60% charge left. Also, you should take a backup of your Android Device. Please do not turn off your phone during the update process. Now move the ColorOS 7 OTA zip file to the root directory on your folder. Boot your device into Recovery mode > Select language. Now select the package from internal storage > OTA zip file > Click on OK. Wait for the installation process to complete.

What are the Best Features of ColorOS 7?

The ColorOS 7 comes with a bunch of new features. Firstly we have an intelligent system, that will automatically bring the device to car mode when connected to a car via Bluetooth. Additionally, depending on usage patterns the phone will automatically turn on its sleep mode, which will activate DND and dark mode on the device. This will ensure a longer battery life for the device when in standby mode through the night.

There is also a half screen mentioned by Oppo which will make cards for contacts, messaging, calendar and many others on the bottom of the screen. This is not like the traditional split-screen we are accustomed to. Additionally, we also get a flashback button with ColorOS 7 which will allow users to switch between apps while keeping track of the other app. This will come in handy in gaming scenarios when you are having an intense gaming session and an important mail or text pops up. You want to respond to it but leaving the game is not an option. In such scenarios, the flashback button will take you to the messaging or email app while keeping the game running alongside on a smaller screen so that you can keep track of when to instantly move back to the game.

Now moving on the camera app department we will see a bunch of new features, namely portrait mode 2.0, night mode, super stabilization, and Soloop video editor. And we will have all these new features with the older features together in a brand new tweaked camera UI.

Now there have been talks about allowing file transfer between the device of different brands through a common platform. Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo have been talking about this and now we finally have Oppo releasing this feature with the ColorOS 7. As soon as other brands also join in, we will be able to transfer files between devices of different brands with ease.

feature coloros 7
Screenshots showing ColorOS 7 features

Oppo’s Next-Generation Custom Skin Design

This is not a completely revamped OS. If one has used the COlorOS 6 before, the difference won’t be groundbreaking. What Oppo did here is that they lightened out the colours, tweaked a few interface options and increased white spaces everywhere. This means that with dark mode enabled, these white spaces will put out a rich black colour which will surely be pleasing. Again ColorOS is known to be a bit contrasty, to which the Oppo finally responds with a toned-down OS. The colours do not look saturated on ColorOS 7 at all. This means that users will have minimal eye fatigue now, which was an issue with the older ColorOS 6. ColorOS is colourful, to say the least, and under room environment or even in dark environments, this extra bit of colour causes damage to the eyes. So this new change in the OS was a necessary change many were expecting beforehand.

coloros new design icon
Custom Skin Icon Design

We also see new icon packs(some minimal ones) and new fonts. There is also a new font from Oppo, called the Oppo Sans font which is designed by Zhu Zhiwei of Hanyi Fonts(for the Chinese characters) and by the U.S. design company, Pentagram (for the western characters). This is not an exclusive font though, as Oppo has released this new font for everyone’s use completely free.

There is also an extensive dark mode here on the ColorOS 7 which will work even when a user is using a third-party app.


In terms of performance improvement over the older ColorOS 6, the ColorOS 7 has improved on its app startup speed by 25%. Additionally, Oppo is also claiming a 30% better system fluency, a 40% better RAM utilization, a 19% improvement in handling games frame rates and a 15% improvement in touch response. This is done by Oppo in their very own labs, so the authenticity of this claim can not be verified. Oppo might be exaggerating here with the numbers but there is a definite jump in terms of performance from ColorOS in this new version.

better system fluency

ColorOS 7 Global Release Date

The next-generation custom skin ColorOS 7 was announced officially for the global market on November 26, 2019, at an event in Delhi, India.

As of now only the flagship Reno series from Oppo has received the latest update for beta testing of the ColorOS 7. Based on the feedback of the Reno customers, the company R&D team will work together with them to make the final tweaks on the OS. After that, we will see the other Oppo and Realme devices receiving the update.

The stable version of the ColorOS 7 has started rolling out from Q1 2020. And as per the details revealed, we will see a complete release by the end of Q2 of 2020.

Oppo Reno3 is the first device to come with stable ColorOS 7 out of the box, which was launched in December 2019.

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