Apple Watch Users Can’t Play Music From iPhone Library on watchOS 10

During the September 12 launch event, the American Tech Giant unveiled their new iPhone and Apple Watches operating systems and the latest products. The new operating systems for both products are iOS 17 and watchOS 10, respectively.

The users were impatiently waiting to run the new softwares on their devices. However, the experience is not always smooth. We have experienced the interrupting user experience with the latest iOS 17, and the same is happening with the new watchOS 10 update.

The “On iPhone” Option is Missing after the watchOS 10 Update

The recent issue users acknowledged is the “On iPhone” missing from their connected devices after the watchOS 10 update.

To those unaware, the feature helps you smoothly play the music downloaded and saved on your iPhone through the Watch. With the help of it, one can also play something without downloading it. It can also happen without a Bluetooth connection or a proper sync medium.

However, the update caused an interruption in the feature’s operation. Due to this, they cannot play the songs from the iPhone library. To the users currently on watchOS 9, we suggest you restrict yourself from updating your Watch to the latest software version if you don’t want the feature to let go. Because it seamlessly works for them.

Playing watch

On the other hand, the feature cannot be found when researched. This change made it impossible to play the songs from the iPhone music library on the supported Apple Watch. The iPhone Library’s songs, albums, and playlists also turned greyed out, resulting in no response when tapped.

The remaining option to play songs is to use the shuffle button, which is impractical and cannot be performed every time compared to the previous function.

It can be accepted that the company unintentionally removed the feature from the Apple Watches, starting from the watchOS 10 update. Consequently, the user’s aggressive reaction to the change is visible on social media platforms. They are unhappy because of the transformation, which allowed them to play the music without even opening their iPhones.

A user reported how annoyed he was when he saw the “On iPhone” option missing, disallowing him to play music from his phone to his Watch. A Reddit user experienced an error when transferring music from an iPhone to an Apple Watch.

Frustrated Users Searching for a Solution:

The users have tried to pair and unpair the iPhones and the respective Watches but have been left out hopelessly. Unfortunately, the offline store’s official specialist could not provide a solution after going through several settings on both devices. Some users found a way to tackle the issue. They used a watch face with a “Now Playing” feature until the problem was solved.

on iphone solved

Interestingly, some users reported that the prompt page appears and asks them to buy an Apple Watch Subscription when they try to transfer music from their iPhones. Let’s wait for the official acknowledgment by the company, and we will inform you as soon as something appears.

Are you also facing the problem after updating to the latest watchOS 10? Please write to us below in the comments section. We will update this article based on the latest developments, so follow it on time.

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