MIUI Pure Mode

What is MIUI Pure Mode and How does it Work?

In response to community input via ITHome, the MIUI Pure Mode is now available for internal testing, and test recruiting is officially underway. Recent feedback on application installation issues, according to officials, has been overwhelming. Android open source, according to studies, creates a more open ecosystem and free market, but it also makes it easier for threats to develop and increase. Forty percent of the applications installed every day using the application package management component have never been subjected to Xiaomi’s security audit, and ten percent have been flagged as potentially hazardous by Xiaomi’s security audit.

What is MIUI Pure Mode?

Xiaomi introduced MIUI Pure Mode to address the issue of hazardous or unknown apps being installed. In Xiaomi’s MIUI Pure Mode, a new system installation mode, misclicks, misoperation, and other activities can effectively block the installation of harmful or unfamiliar programs, ensuring your application installation is safe. The mode can be opened or closed at any moment.

Well, apart from this, we don’t have much information to share about. But the MIUI Pure Mode will be more likely to be similar or, to say, an advanced version of Google Play security that blocks malicious and harmful apps from being installed on the system.

The MIUI Core will be modified, keeping the security and privacy of the MIUI users in mind. Also, it’s yet to be revealed on which date the company will launch the particular feature, which devices will be eligible for this feature, and much more.

We’ll update you whenever we get more information on the same. That being said, what do you think about the upcoming MIUI Pure mode? Do let us know by dropping a comment down below.

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