MIUI 14 Update: Release Date and Supported Redmi, Mi, Poco Phones

MIUI 14 will likely be based on Android 12/13

Xiaomi launched its latest version of MIUI last year in December. MIUI 13 did not bring any major improvements or features over the previous version of MIUI, MIUI 12.5. MIUI 13 let down several users as it did not meet their expectations. Users are now waiting for the next version of MIUI to bring some cool new features and improvements to MIUI. The next version of MIUI could be either MIUI 14 or MIUI 13.5. In this article, we will talk about MIUI 14’s release date.

MIUI 14 Features:

As of now, we do not have any official information or leaks regarding the features of MIUI 14. We can only speculate on the features of MIUI 14. We can expect a new and improved control centre, new lock screen, new wallpaper system, improvements in the multitasking experience, better overall system stability, better battery efficiency and more customization options.

MIUI 14 Release Date:

  • MIUI 14 could be released in December 2022.

It may be too early for us to talk about MIUI 14 as Xiaomi is planning to release a 13.5 version of MIUI just like MIUI 12.5. MIUI 13.5 will bring incremental improvements over MIUI 13, which disappointed many users. After a couple of months from the release of MIUI 13.5, Xiaomi may release MIUI 14. There is no official information from Xiaomi regarding the release date of MIUI 14. However, we can predict its release date based on the release dates of previous versions of MIUI.

If we look at Xiaomi’s past release dates of MIUI versions, we can see an 8-12 months of gap between the release of each new version of MIUI. To elaborate, MIUI 12 was released in April 2020 and exactly 8 months later, MIUI 12.5 was released in December 2020. One year later, MIUI 13 was announced by Xiaomi in December 2021. If Xiaomi follows the same pattern then we can expect them to release MIUI 13.5 first and then MIUI 14.

We can expect MIUI 13.5 to release in August 2022. If MIUI 13.5 is released in August 2022 then MIUI 14 will be released one year later (in H2 2023). However, if Xiaomi ever plans to ditch the idea of MIUI 13.5 and directly release MIUI 14 then we can witness its release by the end of 2022 or early 2023.

MIUI 14 Supported Devices:

MIUI 14 will be seen in a large number of phones across the Xiaomi family of Mi, Redmi and Poco. Talking about MIUI 14 supported devices, Redmi K50 series, Xiaomi 12 series, Xiaomi 11 series, Redmi Note 11 series, POCO F3 GT, and several 2021-2022’s handsets will receive the MIUI 14 update. Xiaomi will also offer the MIUI 14 update to select old devices.


We still do not have any official information regarding the release of MIUI 14. But we can expect MIUI 14 to release by H2 2023, most probably in August 2023.

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