iOS 16 Weather App Providing Inaccurate Information: Is it a Bug?

The iPhone 14 smartphones (launched early this month) have only recently appeared on sale, but the company is already receiving complaints about technical problems with the new flagships.

The iOS 16, despite exciting features such as a customizable lock screen, more functionalities for the iMessage application, new widgets, etc., unveiled on September 12, comes with a lot of problems and bugs such as flickering display issues, display granting issues, black display screen, and white screen, green line appearing, the activation issue on the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 Pro, excessive copy and paste permission prompts, models freezing after data transfer from another iPhone, rapid battery drain, and recent camera shaking/vibration issue.

The new problem on iOS 16 is the weather application giving improper analytics of the current climatic and weather conditions.

iOS 16 Weather App

The users with iOS 16 installed on their devices are experiencing false information provided by the weather app. Due to the bug, the weather application cannot provide precise information about the location and the surrounding temperature. Some users are predicting it because of the different weather app providers for iOS 16 compared to iOS 15.

A Reddit user has said, Has anyone else noticed that on iOS 16, the weather app is inaccurate? After updating iOS 16, the weather app seems terrible regarding the chance of rain and other conditions.

Not only the weather app is providing incorrect information, but also continuously spamming the notification center with the same inaccurate information claimed by a user on Twitter,

If you live in the UK, the iOS 16 weather app is so annoying you get notifications telling you it’s going to rain for X amount of time every 20 mins or so, had to disable notifications for it altogether.

Is the Weather App bug exclusive to iOS 16?

For instance, yes. It has been found that iOS 15-based devices are immune to this bug. They can get accurate information about climatic changes and updates, and the temperature around them shows proper analytics.

A Twitter user confirmed the same, “Looks like iOS 16 changed how the rain works? The Weather app shows less rain in the forecast for the same location compared to iOS 15.”

Another user says, “My weather app on iOS 16 has consistently under-reporting temperatures. I just went through 4 days of 90° weather, and yesterday it was reported at 84 when it was showing 92 on iOS 15.”

The users have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the application, but the bug is consistent.

Weather application crashing when a new location is added

The weather application shows wrong information and crashes whenever a user tries to add a new location to the app. On the contrary, vice-versa happens whenever the app is opened again; the new locations cannot be added. However, reportedly, the crashing issue seems resolved.

As always, Apple remains unresponsive to the issue. And unfortunately, there is no temporary solution for the same. We can only wait for the fix to arrive via an update. We will update you about it when a solution to the problem comes.

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  1. Please fix the weather app! Never had an issue with Dark Sky app. Apple weather app was supposed to use Dark Sky features. Apple has failed. Bring back Dark Sky.


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