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How to Remove All Bookmarks Folder in Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the most popular browser on several platforms, including Android and Windows. The browser is clean, fast, and secure. One of the attractive things about Google Chrome is the ease of use and the additional features that make things easier.

One feature that Google recently added is the “All Bookmarks” folder. Although some users might find this feature useful, many find it redundant and annoying. Many users are also even more annoyed by the fact that this can’t be removed with ease.

Thankfully, you can easily get rid of it and remove it from your Chrome’s Bookmarks Toolbar. This article will tell you exactly what the “All Bookmarks” folder is and how to remove it from Google Chrome for a cleaner and minimal look. Let’s get started!

User Frustration with “All Bookmarks” Folder

Many Chrome users are unhappy with the latest update, which added a new “All Bookmarks” folder to the browser. Users have complained about this modification in numerous online forums and platforms, saying it has worsened their browsing experience.

Some examples of user feedback about the “All Bookmarks” folder are as follows:

“Unable to open bookmarks in Chrome. Click on bookmarks, and it will show folders; if you click on a folder, it goes back to the tab. Previously, it crashed; however, since the system update, it no longer crashes.” Source: Google Chrome Community.

“I do not want “All Bookmarks” on my bookmark bar. How do I remove that.” Source: Google Chrome Community.

These user comments illustrate the problems encountered by those who, due to the “All Bookmarks” folder, have a more difficult time navigating their bookmarks.

Users have expressed a desire to be able to disable this folder, reverting the UI to the bookmark bar for a more streamlined and intuitive browsing experience. We will discuss how to disable this in the next section.

Steps to Remove the “All Bookmarks” Folder

Users of Google Chrome have complained that they can’t easily disable the “All Bookmarks” folder. However, Chrome flags provide a workaround for the time being. It should be noted that this is not a permanent solution.

  1. Start by launching Google Chrome.
  2. Open a new tab and enter “chrome://flags” into the address bar. This will take you to Chrome’s experimental features page.
  3. Search for the “Power bookmarks side panel” using the search bar. This option manages the visibility of the “All Bookmarks” folder.
  4. Click on the drop-down next to the “Power bookmarks side panel” and choose “Disabled.”
  5. Simply restarting Chrome will apply the modifications.

All Bookmarks disable

Disabling the “All Bookmarks” folder in Chrome with a flag is only a temporary solution. Turning off Chrome’s flags for testing could affect the browser’s reliability or performance.

Furthermore, Google may change this method in the future. It fixes the problem for now, but users should watch for updates or fixes from Google.

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  1. Unfortunately, this no longer works with the latest version. It seems as though every time there’s an update, they take away the option to disable yet another useless feature nobody needs or wants.

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