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How to Revert to Old Download Bar in Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a web browser developed by Google in 2008. It was first released for Microsoft Windows, which was developed by free software elements from Apple’s Webkit and Mozilla Firefox.

Later, it was released to many platforms like Linux, Android, MacOS, iOS, etc., and now Chrome is found on almost every operating system. Due to its vast popularity, it’s the most popular browser on the market.

Chrome removes the download bar in favor of the new tray UI

Google often updates the Chrome browser to add new features, change the aesthetics, and fix bugs. In the latest Chrome update, Google has recently removed the download bar for a new Downloads tray UI.

Although this was done to enhance user experience, this change didn’t sit well with some people. Google claims that the old download bar was inconsistent and no longer modern.

In the new UI, instead of the download bar always being visible at the bottom, it shifted to the right side of the search bar and was named a Download tray.

This is causing many users to download the same file multiple times. A user has claimed to have downloaded 53 identical files because the new change had confused them.

However, whatever the case, it may be predestined for some users to want the old UI back at any cost. If you’re one of them, the steps below might help you change it back to the old UI.

If you’re also frustrated with this UI change by Google, worry not because there’s still a way to revert it.

Chrome removes the download

Steps to Revert to Old Download Bar in Google Chrome

To change Google Chrome’s new downloading tray, you’ll have to disable a Chrome settings flag.

Do note that changing this flag might affect other UI parts that you might not like. It might also cause browser malfunctioning, so do it at your own risk.

  1. In Google Chrome’s address bar, type chrome://flags/#download-bubble.
  2. A highlighted option will appear. Change that from Default to Disabled.
  3. Re-launch Chrome, and you will see that the Downloads tray has been removed, and the old Downloads are back.

Revert to Old Download

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