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15 Best Google Chrome Flags That You Should Try in 2024

Google Chrome is the most popular browser in the world. It is one of the best browsers for Windows 10 and 11 operating systems. Maximum people use Google Chrome as their default browser for internet browsing. Google Chrome is the first thing users install on their devices. However, the maximum number of people use Google Chrome daily. But, users don’t know how many unique features the Google Chrome browser has.

There are plenty of hidden features available on Google Chrome. These are disabled features. To use these, you have to unleash them from the settings manually. You can use these features for fun as well as will boost your browsing performance.

These features will add some new looks to your favorite browser. There are some useful features, too. You could face some difficulties in finding these hidden features on your Google Chrome browser. That’s why we will help you to find them.

15 Useful Google Chrome Flags in 2024

Number Flag Name
1 Auto Dark Mode
2 Smooth Scrolling
3 Enhance Download Speeds
4 Reader Mode
5 Password Import
6 QUIC Protocol
7 Pull Down to Refresh Gesture
8 Focus Mode
9 Touch UI Layout
10 Auto-freeze Collapsed Tab Groups
11 Secure DNS Lookups
12 Reading List
13 GPU Rasterization
14 Show Autofill Predictions
15 Overlay Scrollbars

Here’s the detailed information for each Chrome flag:

1. Auto Dark Mode

Some people usually like to use every interface in Dark mode as it looks cool and consumes less battery on the device. Although Google Chrome already has a dark mode. But, it does not apply to web pages. Using this flag, you can use dark mode on web pages.

Auto Dark Mode

2. Smooth Scrolling

While scrolling your browser, the browsing should be smooth. Using this smooth scrolling feature, your scrolling experience will surely improve. It will work with Windows, Linux, and Chrome OS as well. Go to the Chrome Flags page and enable the smooth scrolling feature.

Smooth Scrolling

3. Enhance Download Speeds

Although Google Chrome is a fast browser, the downloading speed in Google Chrome gets very slow sometimes. To enhance the download speed, there is a hidden flag in the Google Chrome browser called Parallel Downloading. This feature accelerates download speed by breaking the files into smaller chunks. Search for the feature and enable it.

Enhance Download Speeds

4. Reader Mode

Reader Mode is readily available on the macOS browser. But, in other browsers, there is no direct way to enable the reader mode. The reader mode feature eliminates all annoying, unnecessary ads from web pages. You have to enable it manually. To enable it on your Google Chrome browser, you must go to Chrome flag settings and search for Reader Mode.

Reader Mode

5. Password Import

Suppose you switch to a new browser, and you need to import all old passwords from your old browser to the latest one. But the good thing is that the Google Chrome browser offers the option to export or import passwords. To enable it, follow our given steps below.

  • Go to the settings.
  • Navigate to the Password section.
  • Now click on the three dots icon.
  • After that, you will see the Import option.

Password Import

6. QUIC Protocol

QUIC Protocol is another helpful feature to speed up your Chrome browser. It allows you to get extra speed while browsing on Google Chrome. For a VPN user, it is a beneficial feature. While using a VPN, the browser’s loading or downloading speed sometimes slows down. In that case, the QUIC Protocol flag will help to speed up all processes on your Google Chrome browser.

QUIC Protocol

7. Pull Down to Refresh the Gesture

It is another handy and straightforward feature on the Google Chrome browser. You can refresh your webpage just by pulling it down on the screen. You can enable this unique flag on your laptop. Just go to the Chrome flags settings and allow this gesture.

Pull Down to Refresh Gesture

8. Focus Mode

Focus Mode lets users isolate a tab in a separate Window. It benefits a person who likes to work on multiple web pages simultaneously. To enable the Focus Mode, you must right-click on the tab and select “Focus”.

focus mode

9. Touch UI Layout

This flag is one of the best for touchscreen devices. It enhances the touch response on your device’s screen. The feature allows users to optimize their Google Chrome browsers for touch screens. The Touch UI Layout feature is generally compatible with touchscreen devices like Smartphones, Tablets, and screen touch laptops.

Touch UI Layout

10. Auto-freeze Collapsed Tab Groups

We all know that the Google Chrome browser can store multiple tab groups. This Chrome flag will automatically freeze tabs within groups when users collapse the group. It will help to maintain the memory space of your devices. That means all the open taps will not affect your memory. You can enable this feature just by going to the settings of your Chrome browser.

Auto-freeze Collapsed Tab Groups

11. Secure DNS Lookups

During our internet browsing, we all use HTTPS connections everywhere. The HTTPS connections should always be secure. So, for this, Google Chrome comes with this awesome flag called Secure DNS Lookups. Using this flag, Chrome will try to use a secure HTTPS connection for any website.

Secure DNS Lookups

12. Reading List

This is a fantastic flag for an online reader person. This feature will surely help you if you read many online articles. Some users use other applications to save articles. But there is no need to use any third-party apps to save articles. Google Chrome browser comes with an in-built feature that can save any articles. You need to enable the flag to use it. After enabling the feature, you will see the “Read Later” option on your browser.

Update: If you’re using Chrome version 89 or above, you’ll see the Reading List button on the Bookmarks Bar’s right side.

Reading List

13. GPU Rasterization

This flag leverages your computer’s graphics processing unit (GPU) to render webpages, potentially leading to smoother visuals and faster loading times. It can increase battery consumption and put stress on your system, especially laptops, during prolonged use.

GPU Rasterization

14. Show Autofill Predictions

This flag displays predictions for Autofill fields directly within web forms as placeholder text. Saves time and reduces errors by suggesting relevant information like your name, address, or email.

Show Autofill predictions

15. Overlay Scrollbars

This flag introduces an experimental overlay scrollbar design, potentially offering a more modern and visually appealing look. It provides a cleaner aesthetic for your browsing experience. Requires enabling “Threaded compositing” for scrollbar animations.

overlay scrollbar


1. How to Enable Google Chrome Flags?

Enabling Chrome Flags is not a big deal at all. It is an easy task. Follow our given steps to allow Chrome to Flags.

  • Open the Google Chrome Browser on your device.
  • Now, type chrome://flags in the search bar and hit Enter.
  • After that, all flag features will show up.
  • Select the flag you want to enable from the features list and click enable.

2. How to Disable Chrome Flags?

Like the enable, disabling Chrome Flag is also straightforward. Just search chrome://flags in the search bar on your Chrome browser. After that, all flag features will load up. Disable the flags you want from the enable flags list.

3. Should I Use Google Chrome Flags?

Google Chrome Flags are hidden features. But the features are pretty helpful. It will enhance your internet browsing experience. If you are a regular Chrome browser user, you should try the Google Chrome Flags. Anyways, more than 30 Google Chrome Flags are available in the browser. We have just shared some of them. You can check all flags. All features are beneficial to users.

4. Are Chrome flags safe to use?

Flags are generally safe to test, so they are easily accessible. However, some flags are more experimental than others and may have bugs. It’s a good idea to only enable one or two new flags at a time to test. Disable any flags causing major issues.

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