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LG Patent Reveals a New Full-Screen Display Module

The full-screen display was one of the hottest trends last year, and it’s not likely to go away anytime soon. South Korean smartphone manufacturer LG is working on some designs to keep up with the competition. The company recently published a patent on the Korean Patent Office, which shows an entire full-screen display module with a distinctive round-off shape.

The LG display module involves a rectangular hole in the top, likely for the earpiece and, if rumors are to be believed, the front camera. Now, it’s very similar to the top-notch that the Apple iPhone X has, except its one end touches the top. Now it’s up to you readers to decide which looks better and more functional.

LG Display full screen module
LG Display full-screen module | Photo Credit: KIPRIS (Korean)

The patent does refer to any series or specific smartphone or any specific dimension, which hints that it may be a completely new series or the smartphone is in a very basic prototype stage. LG can use this display for future smartphones like the LG G7 but also can outsource to third parties. Let’s not forget the Google Pixel 2 display is being outsourced from LG.

Another exciting thing about this LG patent is that it reveals what appears to be an entirely ready display assembly, along with ribbon cables and a controller. This may suggest that the prototype has been developing for some time and is ready to be unveiled in public events and even to third-party operators. LG, along with Samsung, is the top contestant in developing display technology, and it looks like we will see more from LG this year. On the other hand, Samsung used the same previous display from the Galaxy S8 series in the recent Galaxy S9 series.

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