Will Apple Launch Rumored iPad Ultra in 2024
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iPad Ultra Leaks and Rumors 2024: Everything We Know So Far

2023 was the first year we got no new iPad launches. The iPad lineup was mostly complete, with an offering for every price point as you go along the pricing ladder. The base iPad 9 is a competitive budget offering, and the iPad 10 gives you a bit more for 449$.

After this, we have the niche iPad Mini, which suits some workflows, and then the iPad Air. The iPad Air is the most balanced offering. It has top-tier performance with the M1 chip but cuts back on a high refresh rate panel. Then, the iPad Pro models have the best performance in class (M2) and 120Hz panels.

Apple creates an artificial difference with extra apps for the Pro models. The new iPadOS software features sometimes only make it to the Pro models or models with an M series chip. This is the current lineup, but there are many leaks that Apple will soon come out with an iPad Ultra model.

This is probably to compete with Samsung’s Galaxy Tab Ultra series. Samsung has a similar product lineup, beginning with some budget A series tablets, the Tab S6 Lite, the S9FE lineup, and then the S9, S9+, and S9 Ultra. Last year’s Tab S8 and S8+ were also sold where stocks were available.

The Tab S9 Ultra has a gigantic 14.6″ screen size, and Apple currently doesn’t have a competing product for this. The largest iPad Pro tops out at 12.9″. To try to push more people to get more expensive models, Apple is apparently making an Ultra model. We might see an iPad running macOS or a trimmed-down version soon, which is exciting.

iPad Ultra: Expected specs

According to a leaker on X, the iPad Ultra will feature major improvements over the current 12.9″ iPad Pro. The iPad Ultra will mostly have a 14.1″ screen size, a bit smaller than the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra.

The tablet will allegedly pack the M3 Pro chip. The M3 Pro is a massive leap from the current M2. It scores over 15,000 on the multi-core Geekbench CPU run, leapfrogging the 8000 of the M2. The single-core result is promising, too, up from 2,200 to over 3,000. The GPU is desktop-class, with 50,000 in the Open CL test and 78,000 in the Metal test.

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We’ll mostly not get the same M3 Pro chip; they might clock it down a little. We must determine whether they’ll keep the same incredible media engines that make the M3 Pro really good for video editing. The chassis of the iPad is extremely thin- even thinner than a MacBook, and iPads do not have fans. As a result, it’s challenging to balance the thermal performance of the M2 Pro in such a thin form factor. Apple has to figure out a cooling system to avoid overheating.

The same leak mentions that Apple will bring a completely new software experience to the iPad Pro. Older M2 and M1 models might eventually get the same or a stripped-down version. This update to iPadOS will bring several features from macOS to iPadOS. We already have the Stage Manager on several iPad models and might get more.

We might finally see the iPad evolve into a true laptop replacement with the keyboard connected. That’s the category Apple is aiming for with the new iPad Ultra. They want to target the market that usually would’ve bought the M3 MacBook Pro. However, people in this market are out of luck if they want a touchscreen Mac. The iPad Ultra will deliver a touchscreen device with most of the macOS experience.

We also expect a feature similar to Samsung DeX, which might come to many iPad models soon. DeX mode on Samsung phones and tablets lets you multitask easily with multiple windows.


Some design concepts of the iPad Ultra show Apple’s famous Dynamic Island feature and very slim bezels. Apple might bundle a new keyboard that makes the product experience very similar to macOS.

The Apple Pencil is long overdue for an upgrade. Samsung has the S Pen Pro for a more pro-consumer audience, but Apple doesn’t have anything after the 2nd Generation Apple Pencil. If there’s an iPad Ultra, we expect a new Pro Apple Pencil along with it.

iPad Ultra concept
iPad Ultra Concept | Credit: m1_weaboo/ reddit

The Action Button was first introduced on the Apple Watch Ultra and eventually made its way to the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max, and we might see the Action Button on the iPad Pro as well. We also expect the iPad Ultra to support Qi 2 and MagSafe. The current camera hardware on iPads is pretty weak, so we expect changes there, too.

Many argue that there’s no point in an iPad Ultra and that it’s a niche market. This is partly true. Current generation iPad Pros are extremely powerful, even for hectic tablet workflows. If Apple puts a new chip in without major software advancements, there’s no point in an iPad Ultra. Even if they give it similar features to macOS, will people pick an iPad over the M3 or M3 Pro MacBook Pro? iPadOS 17 will be announced sometime in June 2024 at WWDC.

iPad Ultra: Expected Release Timeline and Price

  • The most recent rumors suggest that the iPad Ultra could be released by the end of 2024. However, this is just speculation, and Apple could release it sooner or later.
  • The price of the iPad Ultra is also unknown, but it is expected to be more expensive than the current iPad Pro, which starts at $799. Some analysts have speculated that it could cost around $1,000 or more.

We expect the M3 iPad Pro with 11″ and 12.9″ displays to launch at an event in March or April 2024. They’re allegedly getting major upgrades like the M3 chipset and an OLED display. The iPad Air is also getting the M2 chip and a potential new 12.9″ size. We might get a refresh rate and storage bump, too. However, we don’t expect the iPad Ultra at this event.

If the iPad Ultra launches in 2024, we expect it sometime after the iPhone’s launch event. It was initially a delayed project because of yield issues, but it’s launching in 2024. We expect the iPad Ultra to launch sometime at the end of the year. We doubt they can pack an OLED screen if it’s maintaining that size.

Apple generally avoids OLED on their larger displays. The MacBook Pro ships with an LCD panel with Mini LED backlights. This improves the brightness and contrast while preventing burn-in. However, hybrid OLED technology is taking off, and Apple might add OLED to the iPad Ultra and even some future MacBook Pro models.

According to other leaks, Apple might introduce the full-fledged version of their Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro software to iPads. The current version is stripped down. We might even get up to 6K 60Hz external display support. We also hope XCode makes its way to iPadOS; since Swift already exists, XCode will make it a welcome choice for programmers.

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