May 26, 2020 5:26 AM
Huawei Mate X 2 with a stylus
Huawei foldable smartphone with a stylus (Representational Image)

Huawei Mate X 2 Foldable Phone to Come with Stylus

Huawei files a patent for Mate X 2 which shows a Mate X like design, but with a space for a flat stylus

Huawei is planning to launch the Mate X this year in October. Everything is going according to plan and now the company’s R&D is already working on the next Mate X device, that is the Huawei Mate X 2. The Mate X was made available to the media in the launch event, and the design aspect of the Mate X takes it to a different league as far as other Huawei phones are concerned.

Now coming to the successor Mate X 2 foldable phone, a patent was filed by Huawei with USPTO (The United States Patent and Trademark Office) which revealed features similar the Mate X but with extra space to house a flat stylus. Now some designs and visualizations have come forward from letsgodigital which hints towards a smaller battery and camera setup on the internal side of the device. Now as per these visualizations, we will see the stylus compartment on the right-hand side of the bottom corner. Now on the Mate X, we see the USB C-port on the bottom right-hand side. So probably there will be a shift of the USB port here. Again, there is no report about an extra port for the stylus. So we can expect that the compartment not only houses the stylus but also charges it.

A patent for the Mate X 2 was filed by Huawei with the USPTO

A patent for the Mate X 2 was filed by Huawei with the USPTO | Image Credit: Letsgodigital

The reason behind patenting Huawei Mate X 2 is quite simple from Huawei’s point of view. They want to protect their design from other competing smartphone manufacturers who are trying to get into the business of folding phones. Huawei Mate X is a revolutionary phone from Huawei as it will be the first folding phone from Huawei. Samsung’s folding phone had issues with the screen but Huawei has been able to create what Samsung failed to do so in the first attempt.

Huawei doesn’t want other manufacturers to just copy their version of a folding phone and are doing everything they can to keep it as their original. However, the concept of Huawei phones or tablets having a stylus is nothing new as we have had their devices in the past housing a stylus, like the Huawei Mate 20 X. But Huawei’s vision for the future here is commendable. A folding phone implies a larger screen device, and having a stylus with it makes it an excellent office accessory.

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