Google Launches Android P’s First Developer Preview

Android P rumors have been going on for the last seven months. Google has now stopped those rumors and officially launched the first developer’s preview of Android 9.0 P along with the initial set of features and APIs. The new Android Version is only available for Pixel devices, and the company has yet to give a formal name to this version.

A new Android version brings many features and tricks, and this time, it’s no different. The Android P will bring a major change in the visual section. It will have support for atypical displays like the ones with a notch. It also includes a setting to simulate cutout displays.

Android P also brings enhanced security to users. Apps will not be able to access the camera, microphone, or any other sensors from the background mode. Also, Android now encrypts the client’s device while backing up the data, which means that the device’s PIN or password will be required while restoring backups.

Android P also brings the Wi-Fi RTT (Round-Trip-Time), which allows more accurate location detection by measuring distances from nearby access points. There is also a new multi-camera API, which allows streaming from multiple cameras simultaneously. Recently, Huawei teased the P20 smartphone with three cameras. The multi-camera API will be a great help to the upcoming smartphone. Moreover, Android P now has support for HDR VP9 profile 2, which will allow HDR-compatible devices to play HDR content in apps like YouTube and Netflix.

As mentioned above, the developer’s preview is available only for a Pixel device, which leaves you with four options: Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, and Pixel 2 Xl. You can download and manually flash the compatible device from this link. If you don’t have a pixel device, fret not; you can install it on an Android emulator and get a taste of Android P.

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