Huawei P20 Launch Date
Huawei P20 Launch Date | Photo Credit: HuaweiMobile/ Twitter

Huawei P20’s Triple Cameras will be Stacked in a Horizontal Position; Official Teaser Hints

Dual cameras were the hottest trend last year, and with it, we are one step closer to achieving professional-level photography in a smartphone. Now, Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei will be launching a smartphone that will blur the line between the smartphone camera and DSLRs. The company is on its way to launch the Huawei P20, which will sport not two but three cameras.

This news is not new, as a previous leak mentioned it before. The leak was from a digital artist at one of the company’s creative agencies, which included the promotional materials for the portfolio. Huawei is not hiding that information anymore. Their whole marketing for the P20 smartphone is based on this feature.

Huawei posted a video on its official Twitter page that shows a digital representation of the three-camera smartphone. Though the video does not show the actual device or render, it makes the point very clear. Also, the tweet doesn’t mention anything about the resolution of the three cameras or other specs of the smartphone.

The digital representation shows the three cameras stacked in a horizontal position at the top left corner of the device. Interestingly, an unofficial image was leaked yesterday by well-known Tipster “Evan Blass” on his Twitter account, where it showed the cameras to be stacked in a vertical position along with two LEDs. But because of its authenticity, we will go with the one launched officially.

Huawei P20
Huawei P20 Leaked Render by Evan Blass

The video revealed the devices would be having AI smarts, a fancy word for the inclusion of more Artificial Intelligence into the cameras. However, one thing to mention is that it doesn’t mention the Leica branding and instead emphasizes the words “professional photography.” The company uses the tagline “SEE MOOORE with AI,” the three ‘O’s standing for the cameras.

According to the video, the Huawei P20 will be unveiled to the public on March 27 this year. With this launch, Huawei may set a new benchmark and also become the first manufacturer to launch a smartphone with three cameras.

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