Galaxy S24 Ultra Price Prediction: How Much Will Samsung’s 2024 Flagship Cost?

The Galaxy S series flagships by Samsung are one of the most awaited Android smartphones yearly. They are trendy and even considered the best Android by many. We got the Galaxy S23 series this year, and it is safe to say that this iteration is Samsung’s most polished yet, with very little to complain about.

Since the Galaxy S lineup gets an annual refresh, we expect to see the Galaxy S24 series around the beginning of next year at the first Unpacked 2024. While the exact dates of this event are not out yet, we can likely see the release in February.

Moving on to the products, let us talk about the star of the Galaxy S series — the Ultra. About eighteen months ago, Samsung merged its iconic Galaxy Note lineup with the highest-end model of the Galaxy S series. The boxy design and the Galaxy Note series S Pen became the Ultra model’s characteristics.

The first device we saw after this change was the Galaxy S22 Ultra. It was a spectacular device. Another year of refinements brought us to the Galaxy S23 Ultra, which improved upon many flaws of the Galaxy S22 Ultra. Again, this has turned out to be an even more fascinating device. And that brings us to the Galaxy S24 Ultra, 2024’s super-flagship by Samsung.

Galaxy S24 Ultra: Let Us Predict the Price

Storage Galaxy S24 Ultra Price (Prediction) Galaxy S23 Ultra Price (Official)

Now, let us talk a bit more about the Galaxy S24 Ultra. We will see the general upgrades each year, including the chipset, software, etc. One UI 6, based on Android 14, will be running on this device and its siblings.

Speaking of the chipset, Samsung might bring back the quite infamous Exynos models for some regions. Samsung has confirmed the development of the Exynos 2400, so chances are there.

Another upgrade that we may see is in the imaging department. The telephoto sensor is likely getting a refresh, as per reports over the past few months. The primary camera will probably stay for a couple more years since Samsung is not very keen on upgrading the camera setup yearly.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra already got the new ISOCELL HP2 sensor after the ISOCELL HM3 ran its three years on the Galaxy S20 Ultra, the S21 Ultra, and the S22 Ultra. Other than that, the selfie camera is also not going to change, most probably.

We may also see new advanced materials for building the Galaxy S24 Ultra. This will potentially reduce the weight of the smartphone. The design is likely to stay for a while. About the display, there were news reports a while back that hinted at Samsung adopting a new display panel for the Galaxy S24 Ultra, with a refresh rate of up to 144Hz.

Then comes the battery. As per reports in the past, Samsung may use stackable batteries, which will help the device’s overall efficiency. Samsung is adamant about providing mediocre charging power support of 45 Watts, so it is best to keep our hopes low.

Finally, there is the RAM capacity. For some reason, Samsung downgraded the maximum RAM from 16GB on the Galaxy S21 Ultra to 12GB with the Galaxy S22 Ultra. The Galaxy S23 Ultra followed suit, with the highest RAM capacity being 12GB. However, there is a chance that this could change with the Galaxy S24 Ultra, which may feature 16GB of RAM. The lowest storage variant could also be 256GB.

All of this brings us to the price. Samsung has not bumped the costs in three years since the Galaxy S21 Ultra. Since then, all Ultra models have been launched at the same price — $1199 for the base model. However, the Galaxy S24 Ultra seems to be a significant upgrade on paper. And then there is inflation, which is a deciding factor for the price. So, it is likely that we may see a slight increase in the launch price. Our guess would be $1249. However, since Samsung has officially confirmed nothing, take it with a pinch of salt.

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