Android 14 Update

Android 14 Update: Everything We Know So Far

Android 14 will be the fourteen major version of the Android OS

Google is currently working hard on bringing the Android 13 update. Google has already released the Android 13 beta for specific devices. The Android 13 stable build will be released later this year, starting with the Pixel devices and then the rest. According to recent reports, Google is also working on Android 14 and already has a name for it.

Google tends to have a sweet or dessert name for its Android versions. For instance, Android 9 was name Pie. However, Google switched to number naming with Android 10. Then we saw Android 10, 11, 12 and 13. This dessert or sweet treat naming still exists internally, and that’s how we know what Android 14 will be called.

What is Android 14?

Android 14 will be the fourteen major version of the Android operating system. It will arrive as the successor to Android 13.

Android 14 will be called Upside Down Cake. According to XDA Developers, the dessert name of Android 14 has been spotted in the Android Gerrit, and the new version is code-named Upside Down Cake. An “Upside Down Cake” is a baked cake upside down in the oven with its toppings on the bottom of the pan. The cake is then flipped and served right-side up. It’s cool to see Google still holding up the tradition of dessert code names for Android versions.

This name of Android 14 might not sound as exciting as past code names, but in Google’s defence, there may not have been many good options to choose from. This is not something new or surprising, as we have already seen several leaks in the past that revealed the dessert or sweet code names of Android versions. For those who don’t know, Android 10 is known as Quince; Android 11 is called Red Velvet Cake, Android 12 is known as Snow Cone and Android 13 is known as Tiramisu.

What we can confirm is that Android 14 could be a significant update. However, there is still a likelihood of it being a minor update. With Android 14, we may see improvements in user privacy, device security system, app control, and notification management.

Android 14 Release Date

Android 14 could be announced in May 2023 at Google I/O 2023. However, its Developer Preview build will likely release in February 2023 and Beta Build in April 2023. The stable version of Android 14 will likely be released in August 2023.

Developer Preview 1 February 2023
Developer Preview 2 March 2023
Beta 1 April 2023
Beta 2 and 3 May-June 2023
Beta 4 July 2023
Stable Build August 2023

We all know that we won’t see Android 14 until next year, but Google is said to be working on it already. Anyway, it’s too early to say anything about the Android 14 update.

Android 14 Supported Phones

We all know that Google offers long-term software support on its devices. Android 14 eligible phones list might include Google Pixel 6 Pro, Pixel 6, Pixel 5a 5G, Pixel 4, Pixel 4a 5G, Pixel 4XL, Pixel 5, and Pixel 5XL.

What do you think of the dessert name for Android 14? Should it be something else? If yes, what do you think it should be, perhaps your favourite dessert?

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