Galaxy S24 Problems and Bugs Tracker (28 Issues Identified)

The Galaxy S24 series was launched earlier this month, and it’s already getting into the hands of several users. While some users are having a great time with their Galaxy S24, others are experiencing a few issues that are too much to their annoyance.

The Galaxy S24 series, just like any other series, is imperfect and has issues. Moreover, the Galaxy S24 series is rumored to run on pre-release software, which only worsens matters.

Here, we will track all of the S24 issues several users face. Remember, these are user-reported issues, and experiences may vary.

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Galaxy S24 Series User-Reported Issues

As discussed earlier, many users have reported issues with the Galaxy S24 series on platforms like X (Twitter), Reddit, and Samsung Forums. While most of the problems are software bugs, there are also some QC or hardware issues. In this section, we will keep track of all these issues.

1. Inaccurate FPS Meter

A user shared that despite limiting the FPS to 45 in a game, the FPS meter shows a reading of over 55 FPS, leading to inaccurate gaming reports. This is either an intended thing from Samsung or a bug that might have crept in like others.

2. Dull and Washed-out Display

As pointed out by a YouTuber and many other users on the internet, the Galaxy S24 series has an issue where the colors on the display look dull and washed out despite turning on vivid mode.

As tested by the same YouTuber, the Galaxy S24 series covers only about 85% of the DCI-P3 color gamut, which is the main culprit. Samsung could fix this with a future firmware update, but until then, users are stuck with dull colors on their Galaxy S24.

Some users are also saying they cannot toggle back to Vibrant mode. The S24 series is set to Natural by default, and the toggle to Vibrant does not work. However, we assume the toggle does nothing because of the worse DCI-P3 coverage.

Unfortunately, many mainstream YouTubers and reviewers have not mentioned this issue in their videos or reviews. Hopefully, Samsung will roll out an update soon and fix this bug.

3. 50 MP and 200 MP Overprocessing

There are a ton of complaints about the cameras on the S24 series. A user complained that the Galaxy S24 Ultra overprocesses 50 and 200 MP shots by adding extra brightness where there should not be and random artifacts here and there, making the shot look unpleasant. Although you can edit these photos and get a better look, nobody wants to.

4. Third-party Camera Apps

The camera performance on third-party apps like Snapchat and Instagram still isn’t as good as Samsung advertises. The videos look bad, and the photos take a hit in low light. Unlike regular photography, video calls appear blurry and hazy on apps like WhatsApp and Facebook.

5. Signal Reception Problems

Signal reception has been a big letdown on the Galaxy S24 series. Many users from the UK have complained about poor signal reception on their Galaxy S24 Ultra, including popular tech YouTuber Mrwhosetheboss.

Following this, an X (Twitter) user also shared his poor experience with signal reception on his Galaxy S24 Ultra. The thing is that both of them are from the UK, and this could very well be a UK-only issue.

Many other regional users are having a great time with signal reception on their Galaxy S24 Ultra.

6. Camera Inconsistencies

Users report inconsistent colors and soft selfies, issues with 200 MP mode, skin tones, noise, exposure, and brightness boosts. As per the user, the 12 MP retains more details than the 200 MP mode.

7. Fingerprint Scanner Problems

The fingerprint scanner on the Galaxy S24 Ultra is not working as expected for some users. A user on Reddit reported that the fingerprint scanner doesn’t work even after trying multiple times. Removing the tempered glass and toggling touch sensitivity fix some users’ issues.

8. Display Green Tint

Some units exhibit a green tint on the display. Many users have talked about the issue on Reddit. One user compared the S24 Ultra against the S24 Ultra, and the difference is clear. The Galaxy S24 Ultra looks awful with that grayish-green tint in dark mode.

9. Notification Tone Setting Missing

There is no option to set a notification tone for all text messages; it is stuck to the default tone. A user found a solution, and it is as follows:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Tap Notifications > Advanced settings > enable “Manage notification categories for each app.”
  3. You can now use the “Notification categories” option to change your notification tone.

10. App Incompatibility

The Galaxy S24 series brings an end to the support for 32-bit apps. This means all 32-bit apps on the Play Store are unsupported now, leading to compatibility issues for some users.

11. Always On Display (AOD) Issues

First, many users dislike the new AOD style on the Galaxy S24 Ultra. Then, some users have reported that the AOD shows a red font or doesn’t allow proper customization and that there are issues with adding images to the AOD.

The AOD also seems to drain more than usual on the Galaxy S24 Ultra. Given the LTPO display, 2% drain per hour is not acceptable.

12. Wi-Fi Connectivity Problems

Some users have found it difficult to connect to 6 GHz Wi-Fi networks; slow or no internet access and disconnections have been reported.

13. No Option to Hide Navigation Gesture Bar

Users have been disappointed to learn they cannot hide the Navigation Gesture Bar on their Galaxy S24. This is because Samsung wants users to be able to use the Circle to Search feature by holding on to the gesture bar.

Thankfully, a Goodlock module, NavStar, can fix this. Download and install NavStar, and you can hide the gesture bar. Unfortunately, users cannot use the Circle to Search feature if they hide the gesture bar.

14. Samsung Keyboard Issues

The Samsung keyboard has been disliked for a long time, and the new update worsens things. Many users have reported missing the Samsung Keyboard icon in the navigation bar, and the Voice Input icon is absent.

The user also said they have tried multiple things. Apparently, the Samsung Keyboard icon has moved to the bottom left, and you need to enable the “Keyboard button on Nav bar” in the settings to Voice Input. Users are not fond of this change.

15. AI Features Not Working

A user on Reddit reported that they were barred from using AI features in their Galaxy S24 Ultra. They are getting a message saying that the feature is not available for minors, but the problem is that they are 21 years old.

Another notable issue with the generative AI wallpapers is that it crashes when picking the paint genre. There is no fix for this as of now.

There are also reports of features like Photo Editor and Tap To Slow Videos Down not working properly. These software bugs need to be fixed as soon as possible.

16. Slow Charging: Wired and Wireless

Some users have reported that the phone is not charging properly with wireless chargers. Even when it does, the charging is slow. The wired charging speeds aren’t great, either.

17. USB-C Headphones Issue

A user on Samsung Forum reported that wired headphones connected via USB-C port keep getting disconnected, and audio randomly freezes.

18. Missing S-Pen Custom Sounds

Customizable S-Pen sounds are missing; you cannot change insertion, and re-insertion sounds like you could on the Galaxy S23.

19. Wireless Android Auto Connection Failures

Users have also reported that the wireless Android Auto connection fails on S24 Ultra. As per the user, Android Auto works fine using a USB cable but doesn’t work normally when connected wirelessly.

Unfortunately, some users have also said that even the USB connection isn’t working for them. This creates a lot of frustration for Android Auto users.

20. Issues with the Gallery App

Users are experiencing an issue where the Gallery app scrolls to random letters and zooms out.

21. Heating Issues

Users also reported heating issues when transferring data from their old phones to the Galaxy S24 Ultra. Not only during data transfer, but the heating issue also persists while using lightweight apps like Facebook. Changing the power settings does help a little.

22. Voice to Text Quality

Users expressed frustration with the speech-to-text functionality, hoping for improvements comparable to other devices.

23. S24 Ultra Speakers

Some users notice a lack of bass in the speakers of the S24 Ultra compared to the S23 Ultra. Others have found the volume too low or the audio too soft.

24. Games Crashing

Even though the Galaxy S24 Ultra has the Snapdragon 8 Gen3 chipset, users complain about games like Dragonball Legends and Pokemon Go crashing during intensive gameplay.

25. MotionCam Bugs

There are a lot of bugs in the MotionCam app, which is used to record RAW videos on Samsung phones. Users request that Samsung add support for the 4K @60fps option to all cameras in the app and fix all the annoying bugs.

26. Poor Speech-to-Text

Users are disappointed about the poor Speech-to-Text on the Galaxy S24 Ultra. They hoped for a big improvement using AI, but those hopes seem to have gone down the drain.

27. Camera Saturation Issue

User usernrBWwgTndD notes a saturation issue in photos, stating that warmth seems dialed down to unrealistic levels. The use can be fixed by applying the warmth filter of level 5.

28. S24 Ultra Instant Slow-Mo Issue

User Tobice reports an issue with the instant slow-motion feature on the Galaxy S24 Ultra. The feature works with the H.264 video codec but not the HEVC codec.

Final Words

Every Galaxy S24 user is waiting for one thing: an update that will fix most of these issues. We can expect that update to arrive with the February security patch.

In the meantime, users can try some workarounds if one is available. Are you facing any other issues with your Galaxy S24? Do you know any fixes for the problems mentioned above? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. This is insanity being as though the phone just came out. my S22 plus has been overheating, playing music in the background randomly, colorization errors with pictures, constant app crashes.

  2. FInger print scanner works better with a moist/damp finger.

    I also found the scanner does not work efficiently with a dry finger, and this applied to both S23 & S22 ultra’s as well. Finger also requires non-broken skin to work.

    I also noticed overheating on the transfer of data to the S24 but other than that, everything appears fine.


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