ETA On Apple CarPlay

ETA on Apple CarPlay: Everything You Need to Know

CarPlay is an intelligent interface to access key iPhone features while driving quickly. You can send and receive messages, make calls, get directions, and listen to music. You also get a decent choice of apps and wallpapers for your CarPlay Dashboard. There’s also the calendar to keep track of your tasks for the day.

You’re not stuck with Apple Maps and can use any compatible third-party navigation app. It supports popular apps like Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Downcast, JioSaavn, and WhatsApp. You can use Siri to control the entire interface or use touch controls. Some cars allow button control, too.

With a new update to CarPlay, you get the ETA option. You can share your estimated arrival time with your family or friends, which significantly improves the feeling of safety. Apple Maps and Google Maps are focused on showing you the traffic and directions, but ETA estimates how long it takes until you reach your destination.

The ETA app shows you how long it could take to reach a particular place and supports multiple means of transport. Driving, cycling, public transportation, and walking- all of these standard modes of transport are in support. If you’re in your car, you can also look at traffic information at that place. It’ll also show you any potential delays on your route.

The app has three tabs, and the middle tab displays a map. Events are at a tab on the right, and a list is on the left. At the bottom right, you get zooming and scaling options. The app displays the time, signal reception, and Wi-Fi information at the top left. It also shows locations and time estimates at the left, with a sidebar.

About ETA on Apple CarPlay

  • The new CarPlay-enabled version of ETA offers the same basic features as the iPhone version.

You can also view this information conveniently on your iPhone with a simple home screen widget. The app also has brilliant ecosystem integration. If you have an Apple Watch, it gets even better. The Apple Watch has a dedicated app for this, and you can choose from several Watch Faces. The Apple Watch version has a lot more features than the iPhone widget.

You can pick between Apple Maps, Google Maps, Waze, etc., and receive navigation guidance from any such app. The new feature lets you create a card to send to your family or friends. It only works via iMessage. ETA for CarPlay works on any compatible infotainment screen.

On the screen, you can view your frequently visited locations. You can see your favorite locations, too, and it displays the traffic along the route. It also shows your travel time, arrival time, and map. You can configure this in a list view, too.

ETA for the iPhone and Apple Watch is not free, and it costs 4.99$ to download the app for the iPhone and Apple Watch. There are two additional features, which are optional in-app purchases. Each one will cost you 1.99$.

The first is Calendar Sync, which displays your travel time for the next meeting. Once you set it up, it’ll automatically connect to your iPhone and securely monitor your calendar data. It displays travel time and traffic conditions for upcoming events.

You can select specific calendars and also adjust the window for display. You can set a buffer time that accounts for any additional time parking could take. Finally, a theme library lets you change the application’s looks.

TechCrunch has published more details on this topic. You can read the article here.

ETA on Apple
Image Credit: ETA/Techcrunch

How to share your ETA with Apple CarPlay

  1. Open a compatible Maps application.
  2. Select your route, and choose your destination.
  3. Tap on the Share ETA option.
  4. Tap the contact you want to send your ETA to.

You can also choose to share your ETA with multiple people. Note that sharing your ETA gives the person you’re sharing it with entire access to your location. It shares your full location and the route you take until you arrive. The progress sharing is live.

carplay maps
Image Credit: ETA/Techcrunch


Sharing your ETA, live route, and traffic with another contact is a convenient and hassle-free way to feel safer while navigating. It enhances communication and provides real-time updates on a user’s location and how long they have till they reach the destination, and it promotes coordination between two sides.

These apps use traffic information, average traveling speed, location data, and more to estimate when you may reach your destination roughly. Recipients of this ETA can view this information on iPhone, iPad, or Mac– anything with full iMessage support. Recipients can make their plans and adjust their schedules accordingly. This feature leverages the seamless integration that Apple has built with CarPlay and iMessage.

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