Apple CarPlay Update 2024: Everything We Know So Far

Apple’s CarPlay, the in-vehicle infotainment system that allows drivers to access their iPhone’s features and apps through their car’s dashboard display, is set to receive a significant update in 2024.

The next-generation user interface (UI) will bring several new features and improvements to the platform, making it even more convenient and intuitive for drivers. So, when is the update coming? What are the elements that we will see? Let’s find out in this article.

Next Generation CarPlay Update Release Window

  • The next generation CarPlay will be released in 2024.

Apple recently confirmed that the first U.S. car models with next-generation CarPlay will be available in 2024.
They haven’t specified a more precise timeframe or when it will be available in other countries.

While the initial launch is in 2024, this is expected to be a gradual rollout. We can expect more car manufacturers to adopt the new CarPlay system over time. Additionally, the specific features available might vary depending on the car model and manufacturer.

First models arrive in 2024

Apple’s next-generation CarPlay will arrive on 14 car brands. These car brands are Honda, Infiniti, Jaguar, Acura, Audi, Ford, Land Rover, Lincoln, Nissan, Polestar, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Renault, and Volvo.

Early Adopters: Aston Martin and Porsche have already confirmed their 2024 models will be the first to sport the new CarPlay.

Upcoming CarPlay Features

Apple showcased some of the features of the upcoming CarPlay update during WWDC 2022, promising the update would arrive soon.

carplay new ui

Now that we are getting closer and closer to the next-generation CarPlay update, it’s a great time to recap the features. Here are some of the most anticipated features coming to CarPlay this year.

1. Multi-Display Support

Multi-display support is one of the most highly anticipated features of the CarPlay 2024 update. Apple says they will integrate support for CarPlay on all the car displays, making CarPlay more consistent across all the displays. They further added that CarPlay would be optimized to accommodate the unique displays of different cars. This will make it much easier for drivers to multitask while on the road and quickly access the information they need.

2. Instrument Cluster Integration

Another feature that is expected to be included in the update is instrument cluster integration. This will allow drivers to directly access information about speed, fuel level, engine temperature, oil pressure, and navigation directions from their car’s instrument cluster.

3. Climate Control

Climate control is another feature expected to be included in the update. Drivers can control the temperature and airflow inside their car directly from the CarPlay interface. This will make it easier for drivers to stay comfortable while on the road and avoid fumbling with the dashboard’s controls.

4. FM Radio App

An FM radio app is also expected to be added in the update. With this feature, drivers can listen to their favorite radio stations directly through CarPlay without needing an additional app or device.

5. Widgets

Apple will also include widgets in the CarPlay 2024 update. These will allow drivers to access important information, such as weather, news, and calendar events, without opening a specific app. This will make it even more convenient for drivers to stay informed and organized while on the road.

Overall, the CarPlay 2024 update promises to bring several new and improved features to the platform, making it even more convenient and intuitive for drivers. While the release date has not yet been announced, the update is expected to be released in the coming months.

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